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Unfaithfulness Stories


My Christmas Stocking

My annual contribution…is a Christmas stocking a good metaphor for an ex wife?

All last year you griped and moanedwhile I would hide or just get stonedto make it through your constant shrill henpecking.Then you finally sneaked awaythe morning after Christmas dayand drained the funds we had in our joint checking.After you had packed...

Contemptuous acts of degradation Only lead to retaliation For only the one who knows the true meaning of revelation Will challenge the other of implications Because without the act of imprecation One is only to vindicate the love of another

Washington Heights Two men met on Bennett Avenue, New York City, a dark and dirty street on the shady side of town. One’s purpose was to purchase drugs, the other’s purpose was to sell. The buyer was a young man, dressed moderately and clean. The seller w...