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Vegetables Stories


My Mother once told me, a long time ago, that if I ate all my broccoli my hair would grow. I was not convinced; I knew it wasn't true, as I never ate my broccoli but my hair still grew. She assured me that spinach would make me grow strong. I still didn't...

Christmas Dinner

A 100 word story highlighting the perils of being on the Christmas Dinner menu.

He found her in the kitchen talking to the broccoli, leaving the carrots whispering to one another. In the far corner he noticed some newly arrived brussels sprouts, huddled together, nervously watching on. He ambled over and started chatting, trying to p...

Wonder Worm

Dont you go chopping those worms in half!

I had a pet worm that pulled out my weeds, he filled his long pockets with vegetable seeds. He’d plant them in rows and I’d water them in, then he’d slither back home to my old compost bin. He grew carrots and marrows as big as a car, I’d feed him with ho...