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“Once Upon A Time…”

In which Girl discovers treasures at the back of the store room.

“Bear…” Bear lifted his head from the rag rug in the great room, but said nothing, then put his head down again. “Bear!” Sighing, he got up. It was a cold, wet, windy day: dull, drab, and bone-chilling, and all Bear wanted to do was to lie by the fire. Bu...


At Bronwig’s bookshop there's a notice on the door, in red capitals: IN LIQUIDATION. It’s devastating. I’d been a customer since I was too small to see more than the top of Mr Bronwig’s head behind the counter. His hair was white, even then; delicate as c...

I go to the library to relax To find a book with all the facts Read a short story on the run Grab a joke-book just for fun Visit places I have never been See people with different trends Look up sports, animals and such These and more with only a touch Wi...

Philena: Thoughts and Words and Sharp Objects

May trigger... and the book: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn is a real book,focused more on mystery..

I read once about a girl who cut stinging words into her flesh, some flowery, a few dirty, many harsh and emotional. The book was really very good. It was titled Sharp Objects and written by a now favorite author by the name of Gillian Flynn, called so be...

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Drop Out

After overcoming incredible personal tragedy Nathan Cruz meets a terminal young woman who helps him

Chapter 1 September 11th 2001 8:46 a.m. An explosion of sound blasted through the building. It lurched violently to one side. Two people in the express elevator with me gripped the handrail as we continued our ascent. One was a twenty-something woman wear...

Memory Shelf

Memories stored in the library of our mind.

Like books arranged upon a shelf,memories display there. We can choose to read them again,or not, or even share. If placed in a certain order,favourites' at one end. Chosen ones read over and over,bring smiles again and again. Bad memories from days gone...


A Story About A Little Girl I Scarcely Knew...

AmandaI absolutely love the fact that life will sometimes provide small offerings that are both unexpected and immensely satisfying. Little things, that initially seem to just make your day, but which you later discover have been etched in the positive as...