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Crime fiction consists mainly of criminals and their motives, police detectives and their investigations. Villains may range from petty thieves to serial killers, leading police on a series of twists and turns before their ultimate capture or demise. These stories often focus on a lead detective pitting his or her wits against a shrewd villain.

Recommended Read

The Proof

Everyone breaks

They all lie, you see, every last one of them. Sometimes you got to change tactics, it's all psychology at first. Some you finesse, go soft and quiet and sweet. Make them feel safe. Some you close in on, really loud and hard, scream if you have to, never break eye contact. And some, well, you have to go even harder on. Grab their elbow or neck. Slap them, hit quick while that fear is fresh,...Read On


Jesse Gets Fixed

The hits just keep on coming.

The night was sticky and hot and I was sweating plenty even though it was well past sunset. Gravel crunched beneath my shoes, echoed loud off abandoned buildings. This neighborhood wasn’t safe after dark but I was hurting and needed to be here. A five-inch blade was folded up in my pocket just in case. Manny’s black Ford sat rusting in its usual spot, five spaces over from the back door of...Read On


Angela's Bust

Angela likes playing games but, when she plays with murder, the stakes could not be higher.

Bishop’s Lounge was busy and loud and blue with smoke. I sat by myself back in a dark corner booth, contributing my share of smoke and watching Angela. She had come in with a group of work friends and they sat at one of the tables chattering and drinking wine but she seemed distracted and kept looking over at the bar. She had on a black dress to match her black bob. There was also a black...Read On


My seven deadly bads

i'm not fully responsible for what you are about to read. i was equally as shocked... enjoy

** “Do you think the jury will make the right decision?” “Nope. Even though he is a killer of another sort, I killed her.” The judge stared at the defendant before reading the verdict of what was now deemed as the trial of the century. He read the verdict, smiled at the defendant and took a bow.* PART i: THE SEVEN DEADLY BADS I HATE THE MOST/WRONG TRIAL. I think I'm enjoying it when...Read On


Murder Scene

Dedicated to Anthony Chansa, challenge accepted! “Please don’t rattle any feathers with this one Maria,” I begged. Maria Sposcic was generally thought of as the best detective in the department. Unfortunately for the large majority of bureaucrats on the force, she had a very provocative personality. She was a moderately attractive woman in her late thirties. She'd probably look more...Read On


Legend Of The House.

The legend of the house was a tale told by local youth to scare their peers.

The bloody handprint on the window- calling card of the wicked. Of the sick. Entering the house, he could see straight away that there had been trouble in the hallway, which was the first thing one saw when they entered the house. Long abandoned was the house, built in the early 1900s and occupied until the 60s, where dark legends had surrounded it from local youth with the intent to scare,...Read On


The many lives of Casey L. Miller

Case 4: The unhappy couple

Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle the content of this story, thank you. 1:15am Logan jolted awake, the boy next to her didn't even stir. She was sweating, but she was freezing cold despite being under a blanket with a...Read On


Buried pleasure

In the pursuit of morbid pleasure, Barbara takes things a little too far.

It was perhaps the death of a national figure that caused her obsession. A nation in mourning had entwined itself into her psyche, rather like that of a fixation on a particular television series, or a person. Unknown to her, or rather not acknowledged, like a repressed memory, was the fact that deep down, somewhere in her mind, there was a kind of pleasure in mourning. Collectively...Read On


Anderson Roberts

The story of a sadist mind as he plays with the mind of New York's best agent

Dream: Why you didn’t save me Robert; But I tried; You could have saved me, You could have saved me, It your fault that I am de….. Huh! Damn nightmares are back, (Alison) ‘what wrong hunny’ nothing am good just a lot on my mind ‘Tricia’ yea Tricia! Tricia was a sixteen year old Latina from New Jersey and my first case as lead detective,Back then we stayed in the city of Conroe,...Read On


The many lives of Casey L. Miller

Case three: the Child Prodigy

Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle the content of this story, thank you. 11:49pm 'Casey Miller' soon gave up the search for Logan after spending twenty minutes in the attic. He now looked for a means to amuse himself,...Read On


The many lives of Casey L. Miller

Case two: The Criminal

Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle the content of this story, thank you. 10:03pm Logan listened to the snores of the lady below. She soundlessly waited for any form of rescue. Between snores, she heard the news going...Read On


The Kidnapped Girl and The Lady in White

An outing gone awry

Trapped.  Trapped, the only way to explain it. Why does this keep happening? “Justin! Oh Justin! Darling?” Oh crap. I treaded softly and stealthily, lest the shedevil glimpses me. Twisting my body deftly, I slither my way through the centre of the window. Then, as luck would have it, just as I hung precariously on the edge of the window, She so happened to step into my room. What to...Read On


Divine Justice

Sometimes crime doesn't pay!

Arthur lived on his own, in the same council flat he had brought his bride home to 51 years ago. Where they had raised three kids and seen them fly from the nest out into the world. It was also where he had held his Irene as she breathed her last breath in their bed. The last seven years had been difficult and lonely. Life was quiet, too quiet. But that was going to change on a cold...Read On


An Accidental Killer

Just because I'm a mercenary, doesn't make me a bad man.

I suppose you want to know my name. Fine, I’ll tell you. I’m Nick. My full name is Nicholas Michael McMasterson. Now that you know that, stop smirking and just listen to my story. It isn’t spectacular, it isn’t sexy, nor is it really that exciting, but it’s a story, nevertheless. I’m a killer. My last victim truly deserved it. He was this big dude, thought he was, anyway. You know the...Read On


The Angel of Zero City: Parts 1 - 4

An urban-fantasy novella. It is an untold story related to its parent book: The Gauntlet of Maltese.

Part 1: Joseph Black The scent of gunpowder and rain lingered in the darkened room. A broken window, a busted TV, and five bodies all met the detective at the scene, an apartment in Hell—a place that cops didn’t go to anymore. The call came from a neighbor around 2 AM. There were bullet holes stamped everywhere, and the detective, Joseph Black, searched the nearest body...Read On


My Side of the Story

The story of two crazy ex's in an odd situation

The second I saw that dirty skank I knew that couldn’t be her truck. She’d never made more than minimum wage and there wasn’t a financer in the world that was going to sell her something that big and definitely not that new. Maybe she could trick some new idiot into lending her a piece of shit old chevy, even I let her drive my ’08, but come on. A truck like that? Not a fuckin’ chance. When...Read On


Rabbit In A Barrel

A task given to me by a writer friend - Tell me a story about good and evil, he said...

“A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most.” ― George Bernard Shaw ***** "Could you rephrase that, please? I'm not sure...Read On


A pictorial of a disingenue

Alec, a successful IT professional, gets caught up in the calamities of a femme fatale.

Already picturing how he might need to play dead over and over again, Leana gauged Alec as the warranty for broken parts inside of herself since she couldn’t bring herself in for service. Chronically forgetful Leana pictured it would be incontrovertible to recommend that Alec accept her claims that she determined his worth. Meanwhile, as usual she took her time on everything. Even as...Read On


Walk/Don't Walk

Conversation with a street walker

------------------------------------- This work within its first few lines contains language or other material which some readers may find offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content. ------------------------------------- “My feet...Read On


I Loved Him So Much!

Approaching the accident I was showing my fear and trepidation. I knew they might not let me near him, but I had to get to him. It was so important to get to him. I had to see him. My tears were already falling because I knew what they would think. We had been driving around in the rain, but being careful. We had spent the night out while my boyfriend was out doing his thing. I knew he...Read On


My Little Mystery Part 5

The group becomes six. Stefan and Natasha become suspicious of things.

Natasha sat at her desk daydreaming, as she looked out over the executive support staff. She was new to the organization, hired on to support Monica, Stefan and Cricket. Occasionally, she worked with Cal on Save the Wolves Foundation business. She was bored and thought how she saw everything going on in the executive support staff pool and she was the lifeguard. Today, the boredom set in...Read On


The Pact

He thinks he's being funny. The sound gradually increases on the iPod deck, the rhythmic bass of Steeler's Wheel echo off the bare walls. My brother turns to me and grins. He's got two left feet and a spastic hip, completely off-beat. I feel a chill. It settles deep within my bones as my flesh and blood, my brother, my twin, my best friend, awkwardly dances towards me with a knife...Read On



Sean is trying to get over the violent death of his partner whilst Jamie tries to piece it together.

He shifted and squirmed trying to relieve his aching limbs. His arms hurt, his legs hurt, everything hurt. The ground beneath him was solid and punishing; it provided no comfort, no respite from the pain. In fact it only heightened his agony. He stretched, unfurling from the awkward ball he had been curled into, wincing as his muscles pulled and stretched, felt like they were tearing. His...Read On


Sylvia's Despair

There was a hand in the darkness and it held a knife. The knife had a long black handle of polished black bone, and a blade finer and sharper than any razor. If it sliced you, you might not even know you had been cut, not immediately. The knife had done almost everything it was brought to that house to do, and both the blade and the handle were wet. The person who’s hand held the knife...Read On


It was obviously mr walker...

Greendale Primary was a school where nothing bad ever happened. Everything was good. Most of the teachers were loved by all the pupils. But there was no teacher like Mr Morrison. Mr Morrison was an art teacher. He told the children that there was no point in having an art lesson if you just wrote. And so his classroom was full of projects that classes were working on. It was the best room...Read On


Getting Along

Just trying to get along

If there's interest in this story I will make it a series Jack jumped around, holding one hand with the other while swearing under his breath, “Son of a bitch, that hurts!” He had just hit his hand with a hammer while working on the old car he'd recently bought, the only one he could afford. The reason for his meager circumstances was the fact he had just lately been discharged from...Read On


The Drunk Succeeds

One man's advancement

I've tried to write this as a stand alone story but might be better understood if you first read “The Town Drunk” which can be found on my page. David Meyer and his partner, Emmett Wolf, had become wealthy men when they had partnered on a gold mine. Almost overnight, they had been changed from whiskey swilling virtual nonentities to whiskey swilling respected, even influential, citizens...Read On


Dream Two

A man charged with murder?

Dream Two. ForeWord Dream: A series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person. Oxford Dictionary. A dream is a type of mental activity that occurs during sleep. It usually consists of visual images that tell a story, although the sequence of dream events is usually mystifying. They may be influenced by internal physical factors such as hunger, thirst...Read On


Vigilante - Part 1: Primoris Cruor(First Blood)

A man from Hell is more dangerous than an army

He looked at himself in the mirror. This was who he was, or more what he was; a 29 year old engineer working at one of the largest companies in the country. You could call him successful, and career wise he was. His position paid better than what he could spend, but then again, he didn’t spend much money. He wasn’t a social person and he didn’t have a girlfriend or kids, not even cousins...Read On


Book 1 – Blood Is Thicker Than Water Chapter 4

C.S. Deuces is a complex story of drug dealing, murder, sex and intrigue and unexpected love

Club Simone’s The quiet streets echoed Delores’ high-pitched voice as her stout hand gripped the cell phone and opened it. “Hello… What… What time is it Tyrell? Why you calling me, boo?” She wrinkled her chocolate colored forehead as her large brown eyes searched the night streets. This late at night, nothing moved around except a bum traveling around. He looked at her and decided...Read On