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Action Stories

Our action category is for those who enjoy stories filled with adventure and excitement.

This genre revolves around explosive scenes and fast-paced plots.

Common themes include martial arts, car chases, extreme sports and combat.


Happiness Happens

The sister of the girl you loved loved you, so the girl you loved wouldn't love you.

 about 1600 words     James  Happiness Happens by James Foley  Martin Trent remembered crashing that Iraqi stone farmhouse—past midnight, March 2016. Inside, tapestries draped those stone walls. Four men: two at a table and two on a beat-up green sofa. Ri...

The Baron's Quest

Erika is forcefully taken back to the 15th century by a time-hopping Baron.

PROLOGUE DRAGO SAW THE two Americans from yesterday up ahead. They had their backs turned to him, as they stood at the base of a large medieval wooden gate that led into Predjama Castle. His shoes shuffled upon a smoothed-by-time gravel path that led from...

Emerald Evolution

Her eyes were green.

Her eyes were green.There was no denying that the woman sitting opposite was attractive. Her dark hair fell carelessly on her shoulders and framed her lean face. She was of a thin build and had spotless golden brown skin that looked as smooth as silk to t...

The Mission

Corporate espionage - with a twist

I stopped at the entrance counter, looking around and noting the guards and security cameras — just as I expected and knew would be here. The guard behind the counter looked up from his desk. “Yes? Can I help you, sir?” Reaching into my jacket, I flashed...

Prologue Austin Mcshane sat in his truck at the intersection. His life was great. He looked at the beautiful mountain scenery. The sun was just cresting the mountains, turning the sky a magnificent purple. The town was just starting to come alive, but the...

The Inheratence

Day of discovery

The InheritanceAlice Parker sat in the diner drinking a morning coffee that had just been poured by the departing waitress. She sat by the window that read Tommie’s Diner, she was peeking through the letter O as he walked by. He was tall and had broad sho...

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A man they called 'The Plague'

John finds out that your past comes back to haunt you.

A man they called 'The Plague' Chapter One “Baby don’t, im not in the mood,” mumbled Sarah as her husband John tried to unbutton her blouse as she returned home from work. “Oh come on baby, you know today’s our day,” I pleaded desperately. “I said I’m not...


Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle the content of this story, thank you. 4:00am Anthony smir...

A Sam CroW 'Short Story From a Picture' Challenge

This was my entry in a friend's story challenge on another site long ago.

“Hey Rachelle!” Rachelle Wynberg, reporter for WBBK, NY, looked up quickly from the papers she had been lazily reading. She was at the moment bored to near tears. These last two weeks had been hell on her, having covered nothing more exciting than a domes...

Ten Days In Hell: Part Two

The climax of 174920's attempt to escape the hidden facility, and find out how it came to be.

Day Six: Sparks Fly Today was a different type of day; it was quiet and there was no drama or torture of any kind. It relieved me, but it also worried me. The disappearances of the guards I killed were stirring up suspicion, plus the doctor was dead, addi...

Ten Days In Hell: Part One

An innocent man labeled as, 174920 is locked up in a hidden facility, but he plans to escape.

Day One: Initiation The first day was the worst. It started first as an ambush, then the start of a eternal nightmare. They led me down the entrance in the middle of no-man's land, where I thought I'd die. The entrance was dark and cold, like the hearts o...