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Our General Fiction category is for stories of 1,000 to 10,000 words that do not fit into any other category, or that would work equally well in multiple categories.

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The Island Of Death

Are we friends now?

When I was younger, my father called me his little nest—his little heir. My earliest memories were of him holding me close, like he couldn't bear me being too far away, like I was the lightning rod that kept him grounded in the middle of a thunderstorm. H...

It was between him and her, and her and her, and like always I was caught in between, a bottle of bourbon trapped between my thighs while I nursed the glass—the alcohol burned fresh paths down my throat, drawing parallels with the scars that ran down my a...

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The Blue Danube Waltz

Would you go back and try to change history if you had the chance?

The old man sat at the table, watching the couples dance. He stared into his glass of Schnapps. The taste did nothing for him. Nothing did anything for him anymore. He wasn’t sure why he’d come. The lecturers and professors got younger every year. He felt...

A World To Save

A day in the life of a struggling hero.

The air tasted like lavender body wash and gunpowder. Fireworks dotted the night sky as the bang-bang-bang of New Year explosives ricocheted off the buildings in New Glory. Avery sucked in a deep breath and her hands to the moon, meaty palms up. It was gl...

Prayer Denied

Shattered faith.

Prayer Denied Kneeling at a marker was a soldier’s widowed wife crying condemnation to the God that took his life. Gently running fingers over letters etched in stone, she wept and whispered softly that she felt so all alone. Trapped inside the moment whe...

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Broken hearts, it's something that many young men and ladies experience. You will recover from your first heartbreak but you will never forget them. Here is the story of my first experience. Now I had quit school at sixteen and went to work despite all th...

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Workplace drama

Betrayal More than a colleague, I called you my friend, was a miscalculation – I found in the end. The sordid agenda you’ve had all along, is banefully evil and morally wrong. You’re a smooth operator who’s casting out bait, while leaking exchanges to mak...

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The Young Man - The report

Many years ago a young man was charged over a crime he did not commit. This is story 3

The Report This is the third poem in the series of 3 and has been written from the perspective of the parents of the young man who sort justice on his behalf. We wrote to police headquarters and we told the bloody lot How many police were crooked and we t...

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Three Seperate Tales of The Paranormal

These stories are all true.

#1. It was the year I was doing a show in Omaha, Nebraska that I met Sandy, a self-proclaimed white witch. I had been fascinated by the dark arts for some time and began to read and dabble in them attempting to expand on my sometimes ESP experiences. I wa...

In a seance with an angel Touched by the smile of love With whispers in my ear Like a fine-tuned piccolo As soft winds blow Far away yet so near With memories of thine On a bed of potpourri snow Dripping ambrosia On the fob after nine

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Some need to sing for their supper but we’ve all got to dance for our life...

To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie. She was. Normal. Her grandmother made certain of that. But Gloria, or Glory as her Gran called her, was also extraordinarily special. The universe saw...

It was that time of year again, midsummer. One of the highlights of the year for me is our little village fair. We always seem to get the weather as well. I think once in the last ten years we had rain. It was only a little shower though and was soon gone...

His simple question rocked her; hurt bubbling to the surface and etching itself on her face. Paul was alarmed he had spoilt their growing rapport. “I’m sorry, Sara. I didn’t mean to pry. Let’s talk about something else.” “No. It’s not your fault,” Sara re...