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Rheged6 3 years ago

Caitlin's Time - The Beginning

From tragedy comes hope reborn, and Caitlin makes powerful friends

Gordon Curzon was a veteran of many fierce commercial negotiations and boardroom battles.  He was at ease with heads of state, and finance ministers, and held in very high esteem by corporate bankers and lawyers.  He was a decisive and confidant man. ...

Anonymous 3 years ago

The DEATH took away an iron man after 80 hours lying under the three layers of concrete

The story is telling us about a simple man, how much he persevered with his passion for life.

Based on a true story, which took place in Sichuan, China after a massive earthquake on 12 May 2008.In his last few words, he said, ‘I am the first one who is lying under the three layers of concrete in the world. I don’t have any great ambition...

AnnaMayZing 4 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 40

“Nein, nein...” she repeated over and over as she cradled her closest friend in her arms.

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 22nd, 1941. Maria screamed loudly, a long drawn out wail of a scream.“Nein, Nein...” she repeated over and over as she cradled her closest friend in her arms.Tears dripp...

tradford 5 years ago

Beauty Queen

A past tragedy is back in the news.

Beauty Queen At early age, she took the stage – with her mother as her guide, such poise and grace with an angel’s face and a talent none denied. Critics claimed that the stage was stained with a lack of moral form –...

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abigailthornton 8 years ago

101 Words: The Bride Wore Black

Happiest day of her life?

Didn’t see that one coming, nobody did,We just kept on sliding, no end to the skid.Hold on. Just try to hold on,I know things have changed but what's done is done.Try not to be scared, 'cause I will be there,I’m here with you n...

BrownEyedGirl 8 years ago


Sean is trying to get over the violent death of his partner whilst Jamie tries to piece it together.

He shifted and squirmed trying to relieve his aching limbs. His arms hurt, his legs hurt, everything hurt. The ground beneath him was solid and punishing; it provided no comfort, no respite from the pain. In fact it only heightened his agony. He stretched...