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This is it. After the years of training, it’s all going pay off. At least that’s what they tell me. “Do you think you’re ready?” I ask Stephanie in a hushed voice, trying not to break the silence. Everyone else is waiting in nervous anticipation. “I hope...

Waypoint Five

Fleeing a devastating war a woman arrives at a distant colony with a mysterious cargo.

08/12/214 (Adjusted Calendar) You're not supposed to dream in frozen suspension. Certainly not a dream of a small child with your ship's engineer's eyes. The image flickered for an instant behind Mana's closed eyelids as the transparent cover of her tank...

The Ghithorian

When the life of a planet ceases to exist, will Za'kyia be able to survive?

The universe is a cold, dark place. It goes on, forever, and ever, and there's nothing we can do about it. There's nothing that can change the fact that one day, the stars will go out, one by one, dying as they fade from the sky we so desperately love. We...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 24

Demi gets contacted by the Intergalactic forces, asking him to turn in his felon boyfriend

Chapter 24 The Winds of Ashtarma “Tell me more.” I ask, rubbing the thin but strong skin of his wings between my fingers. “I was running away from the intergalactic search, when I smelled Leot. At that point I was in so much pain of his rejection, and his...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 7

In this chapter Demi dreams to be his ancestor Ari, and experiences a rude awakening.

Chapter 7 The Brown Cloak “You what?!” Thunders Mevild. “It just took really long, so he just came in… I sent him to get a book back from another teacher…” Mumbles Dot, who just can’t lie. I don’t even know which lie can possibly save us now? “Yes, it’s t...

The Agent, Conclusion

Further adventure of an Agent

These stories are meant to be read serially Jen and I spent the following few days visiting her relatives we had met at the party, where Jen spent most of the time talking with the teens and cuddling the younger ones while I conversed with the parents. Th...

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The Agent

The start of an epic

I welcome comments and criticism. All I could remember was the blinding light and the pain, the burning searing pain. And then, blankness. And now, I was awake. Not the gradual awakening as from sleep, but an immediate and full consciousness. I couldn't s...