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His Scent

Gripped by a man's scent

Funny how the mind protects us from trauma and stress by shutting off memories and emotions. I did not understand why I have been so on edge about the MRI my doctor ordered for the pain in my shoulder. They gave me earplugs, strapped me down, covered me i...

Stares hooked across the room Uneasy touching, exploring, pushingBacking up, Amaranth in bloomConfidence rises, juices gushing Sexual explosion, revel in heatLust rushing through bodies burningIncreasing passion play, Amaranth so sweetTwo minds, as one, l...

The Bear

A bear comes to my window and we are inches apart looking into each other's eyes

I haven’t seen the bear since that night last spring when he came to the feeders by the window where I write and we saw each other and stopped what we were doing to see each others eyes--he looking in, me looking out. At first, he was standing looking dow...