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Beating Stories


The Bear and the Girl

What happens when a injured woman meets a talking polar bear?

The Bear yawned and stretched, then walked out into the sunlight. He thought it was about time to patrol his territory, marking it out, and making sure other carnivores weren’t taking liberties. That Mama brown bear seemed particularly to like trying to n...

My Old Boots

I wore my boots down till they were held together with bits of string

My Old BootsMy 'monkey boots' when I was growing upwere like two of my own best friends. Hardly a day did we spend apart,wherever we'd walk or wend.Two rugged bits of cobbled leatherwith scuffed up toes and laces,with cardboard insidefrom the wear of the...


One bully gets what he deserves. If only other bullies could get the same.

Punch him down to the ground,Kick an old man when he’s down.Yeah, that’s your style, isn’t it?Cowardly bastard.Fight fair and square? You can’t!But you’re getting yours, aren’t you?Sitting black and blue in that hospital bed, it serves you right.See that...