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Bipolar Stories



What's real?

Yesterday I was optimistic as the sun, broad as the sky, impish as the morning mist. Now I bleed, slowly, like a finger through my letterbox. Today,the sky-hooks are embedded in my fllesh again, and I am dead inside.

Welcome Back

What is it with therapists and writing?

Fall's returned to give me it's lift My sanity, energy and outlook Returned, I am up early, life is a gift Smiles, I work, exercise, even cook Summer's heat zapped my soul Slowly I eroded and lost control Functioning became my only role I felt that slip,...

Living With BiPolar

Families dealing with bipolar in their families.

A person looks fine with Bipolar Except they have highs and lows They lose all their composure Their moods come, and they go One day they're on a manic high In a minute they could crash Thoughts of death and suicide These feeling happen in a flash Most li...