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An Idea for a Short Story

Her long hair spread over my chest and smelled like … like … what was it? Who was she?

Sounds. Voices. Tingling. “I saw a twitch …” “… His eyelids are fluttering …” “How are we doing today Mr. Stavros? You gave us quite a scare, didn’t he Mrs. Stavros?” The young woman addressing him was dressed in a pale blue pajama holding a clipboard wit...


Can I believe what I see?

I catch my gazeIn silvered glassWatching who I seeI tilt my headFrom side to sideMaking sure it’s meIs there beauty?Hard to sayI know the face so wellReach my handTo one outstretchedFlesh meets solid coolOlive skinDark curly hairToned figure, real hipsEye...

Behind These Eyes

Dance behind my eyes, before you pass judgement on me.

There are times I am sure,when others look at me,and see nothing,but an idle mind.If they only knew...What frolics inside my head,they would scurry away in fear.If they could see past my vacant stare.Just behind my eyes.Through the swirling,menagerie of i...

Waves gently washing onto deserted beaches. Moon light glittering across a watery expanse. Warm breezes wafting softly across naked skin. Fanning hot flames deep, deep within. Fire raging, starting to roar, searing my inner soul. Wishing I was not alone,...

Run-on lines metrically sound, couldn't be found.   Caesura, miscalculated,  left images obfuscated. Alone, bewildered, in my attic I was just churning and churning All the storm-clouds of cliches. Poetry was still-born round the corner.

Magus of The Desert

A poem evocative of desert landscapes.

  Far from the sea, her sighing dunes All wander lost beneath the moons That wax and wane in an eternal sky; Where subtle symphonies of light And wondrous silences of night Draw the four winds from their pavilions, To rage across the stony plains, To driv...