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A Special Moment

Elderly man returns to the school he left seventy three years ago seeking a lost memory

Standing at the school gate, Harry Connor cursed softly. Memory, you damned trickster. A tantalising image had shaped in the furred conduits of his ageing mind. A gem of reminiscence teasingly snatched away, evading his grasp. He had made this journey see...

The Voyage

Life's Journey

The boat sets out gently propelled,By the currents of time,Making its way towards a meanderingRiver. The currents draw it onward,Inexorably towards faster waters.Past shoals and rapids ever forward,Pausing only to embark a companion,To share the voyage. S...

Dear God!

A letter in a bottle, thrown in the ocean in hope God finds it to help me find love.

Dear GodIs it too much to ask for companionship in this lifeAs I walk this path of loneliness you dealt for meWhile you look down from aboveSomeone to hold my hand, kiss my lipsTo smile and assure me compassionTo show me the meaning of loveWith every beat...

I am searching for something For what I do not know I feel alone with nowhere to go I am empty I cry and I am scared  Lonely and depressed My head hurts  I just want to close my eyes and never feel again The darkness is around the corner It opens its arms...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 39

Old diary and new love, enough to ignite both mind and heart!

Chapter 39 The Lost Diary “If you could do it on Earth, you can do it anywhere.” He answers a bit too loud for our leader’s liking. “Is there anything you’d like to add, Izumrud?” Yasen’s eyes are fixed on my newly found friend. “N-no, sir…” Stutters Zumi...

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Gidealis Enigma Chapter 36

Demi is upset about his future prospects, but that does not stop him from action in the present!

Chapter 36 Unseen Dangers What are we looking for? Where would they be? I touch the rock sticking out of the side of the pit. The compound of the rock comes back to me as silicone-based plus tons of further unnecessary information. As I admire the crystal...

The Unseen Heart

the divine search for the one.

She's a creature of the night She's the wind and the rain She's the twilight, she's the dawn. She slips unseen in between men's dreams. Her steps light as the breeze that ripples thru the leaves. If you look in her eyes you can see the stars and her count...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 28

Demi gets more than he bargained for when he enters the old residence of Kallitris...

Chapter 28 The Secrets of the Abandoned House “It’s a cursed place, I warn you. Plus the weather is going to get worse. My flyer is not meant to be operated during high winds.” Asmadis lands his craft among the hills that look just like the ones we left b...


Life seaching for love

It seems the older I get, the more I reflect, Taking stock if you will of life’s pantry. A storeroom filled with faces and names, The loves and lies that made up every relationship. Emotional deception was never a cause. Failure was always a result of per...