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Boil your hen, cut up in piecesLegs and wings and breasts and thighsAdd crushed garlic so the flavor increasesEight cups of broth brings a smile to your eyes While you wait let's chop some stuffCarrots and onions and mushrooms are niceCelery and brussel s...

Baked Pears in Cider

Just cooked you up a little one for dessert!

What scrumptious pears hanging over my fence, surely to pick them is not an offence; I need just six, that’s plenty to bake; Soaked in Cider…And it’s easy to make. I peeled them thinly leaving the stalks, then stood them upright, using two forks, in an ol...

Wednesday, 7:24 PM.I kicked my front door shut with a satisfying slam, a full grocery bag in my hand. My perfect day at work at the perfect job was less than perfect – my boss had expressed doubt in my ability to survive in this position. And that had a d...