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Saturday Afternoons at the Opera

A reflection on how my father's taste in music was passed down

The other day I was doing some work in the kitchen, fixing up the caulking behind the sink. As I often do when I’m doing stuff in that room, I put the radio on to CBC Radio 2. It being a Saturday afternoon, opera poured out into the room. I don’t even kno...

A Baby to Love

A baby is a special blessing

A baby to fill your hearts with joy Whether it may be a girl or boy    A baby for you to cuddle and love Little one sent to you from above    Bottles and diapers and so much more With little eyes you know you'll adore    Laughter and crying and sleepy at...


Coming Out

Coming out to your parents

Marie was fiddling with her wedding band, a nervous expression on her face when Elena saw them from the entrance of the coffee shop. Her mother gave her a little wave to catch her attention. Wouter turned around a big smile on his face, always happy to se...


My stepfather

Such two speeches cannot wait: I LOVE YOU and I AM SORRY. Elsewise...

When I was only six and my younger brother was two, our father passed away. Since then, my mother and we were dependent upon each other. Our days were difficult. My mother had to work very hard to keep our family together. The income was just enough to co...

It was a beautiful Saturday in June when I received a call from dispatch. It seems a bus driver had three youngsters on her coach that were a little too young to be on their own. The female driver had called her dispatcher who in turn dispatched me. I was...

A new baby is always so much funA little bundle of joy to loveThere's nothing better than a little oneThis is a gift sent from up aboveTake photos every dayAnd a video diary tooThey change in so many waysThis will be nice to look throughA video diary of a...

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Not Good Enough

All those expectation, I hope they never come true.

I remember when I was a child, the fear and pounding of my heart when I had grades lower than a C. How ashamed I felt when you gave me that look of disappointment, and told me that I was better than this, because my brothers never had anything lower than...


It's My Heart

To my parents who may never read this.

Do you think you know what's best for me? Do you think I really care? It's only for my happiness, you say? How is that remotely fair? You never give him a chance. You continue to say I can do better. I deserve so much more, But does it really matter? It's...

My mom works to be busy, and hurts herself. She sleeps on the floor until she can move again. Then she works again, until she hurts again. For no reason and no pay. She talks on the phone and laughs aloud. Her friends drop by with no warning. Her dogs lea...

Parental Mistakes

My first foray into Hallmarked poems

Parental Mistakes My Mother was called Miriam, but mostly just “Mim,” I didn't know my real Dad, knew nothing, about him. Ma had a fancy, upon a mad whim, I was the result of their passion and sin. I dont blame either for their brief little fling, for wit...

It Just Felt So Right

It was so beautiful when she first saw it. The trees that surrounded it, and the many forms of life.

It was so beautiful when she first saw it. The trees that surrounded it, and the many forms of life that took up its space. It was all she asked for and it was all hers. All hers. Something that she had worked for her whole life. She had been awaiting the...