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5 years ago

Just Because

A silly piece of my mind

Would you believe what happened to me just yesterday? I ran into Doubt again. That grumpy man is always in my way, and he steals away my grin. Well, today I say fuck him! I practice staying here, being fully present in the now. But yesterday I let that ol...

6 years ago

You Say

You say a lot

You Say.. You say.. I'm nasty You say.. I'm pointless You say.. I'm worthless You say.. I'm Useless You say.. I'm stupid You say.. I'm a joke You say that.. A Lot I Say I say.. behave better I say.. be nicer I say.. be polite I say.. treat me better I say...

7 years ago

How Do You Know?

How do you know what I'm going through

It's hard to say how I feel, each and every day, Life is very hard, in so many ways. They say things will work out and be okay,I live my life just for today. I too get sad and things don't go right,I'm worried most days and every night. What will happen i...

7 years ago

Ramble On!

Totally unfiltered, unedited and that's the way it's staying, for this is my head

A working laptop, a word processing program and some good music, that’s all I need. Right now it’s It’s Gonna Rain! By Bonnie Pink. I don’t quite know what it is about, but I think it’s about breaking up with someone. I did look up a translation (it’s in...

8 years ago


Words can hurt

Time heals all wounds they say,Sometimes, when I get hurt I cry every day. Sometimes, lovers can say things that are so absurd,Leaving you frustrated and angered by their words.You feel like a dagger is put right through your heart,Because these words, ar...

8 years ago

Five Minute Adventures Presents: Mister Sunshine

Continued from the pages of Raccoons Robbing Rail City

He was a tinkerer ever since he could remember; plastic bricks, tiny fake logs, that’s how it all began. Since then, he had graduated to bigger and better things–they weren’t actually very big things in any literal sense of the word, but definitely much b...