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We lay togetherUnder the oak tree branchesLooking up at the skySo content just being togetherWe have finished our mealFrom the picnic basket, we fixedThe sun it brightly shiningThe clouds making different shapesWe each smile at the otherKnowing this day w...


Nightly thoughts

Night begins to break Day meets it's fate The world begins to sleep Stars start to shine Crickets sing away Restless I've become  Thoughts bombard my brain Thoughts of then Thoughts of now  Thoughts of what's next No questions nor answers Merely depiction...

Bespangled Sky

The universe grants this old man another day.

Purple clouds hang against a burgeoning blue Brightening scene backdrops black trees on the horizon Darkness again giving way to light brand new Spirits of night... spell soon will be broken Flickering stars once more bidding their final adieu Chilly nigh...

Sailor's Sky

Sailor's sky, a warning, or a delight?

Night once more giving way. Brightening sky promises a new day. Stiff breezes blow clouds across the moon. Tree branches bend, dance and swoon. Playing melodies as they swoosh and sway. Silence broken by early birds at play. Singing praise with each chirp...

Another day has come to life. The sun has risen into the sky. Do you feel the joy in the air? Do you see the beauty? There are angels in our lives. There are people we fail to recognize. But, for today, let us remember the good, And let us forget the pain...

Five Minute Adventures Presents: Mister Sunshine

Continued from the pages of Raccoons Robbing Rail City

He was a tinkerer ever since he could remember; plastic bricks, tiny fake logs, that’s how it all began. Since then, he had graduated to bigger and better things–they weren’t actually very big things in any literal sense of the word, but definitely much b...


Watching the shift from dark to light.

Nights darkness begins to fade Bright stars disappear from sight Horizons open changing from black Perpetuating a bluish pinkish bright Constellations giving way to dawn Temperature drop brings cold chills Sky's evolve changing dark to light Day now trans...

On the train to the city we see a bunch of kids dressed as elfs, Santa Clauses, and slutty Mrs.'s packed...Saturday. An awkward staring fest as to who gets the best seats and who's nice enough to give their seats to a lady and stand the whole...

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