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Of God and Bear

The Bear and Girl discuss whether God exists…with surprising results.

The two friends sat together, watching the stars emerge in their crystalline thousands. Finally, Bear got up. “Follow me,” and walked off the porch. The Girl followed him, but put her hand on his back to guide herself, watching the ground to keep from tri...


What People Don't Realise

A short story by Andrea Snyman. Some stories begin where you think they end.

What people don’t realise is that death isn’t what they think it is. ~ You find yourself in a waiting room…Sitting comfortably on the couch. It’s not too cold, it’s not too warm…It even comes complete with old school elevator type music. They probably fig...

We Stand in Awe

We stand in awe of all these things

"We Stand in Awe" (c) Mike Stone(inspired by “A BRAVE AND STARTLING TRUTH” by Maya AngelouRaanana, February 21, 2019) The universe is not the miracle,The flaming suns are but cold-blooded thingsNor is this Earth, an uncertain platformOf shifting surfaces...


I think this one's more from a character's perspective than mine... stream-of-consciousness again...

hello from withoutplease don't poutwe'll be there soon we're just past the big spoonflying through ashthrowing a big ole bashand hoping he won't lash -out. his green eyesfail to see the points to my storyand all my lies  arefarfrominnocent I'm far from al...

Just Pondering

Think about it.

Just pondering.Can you name even one truly two-dimensional object? Stuck? I can not think of a single one. A photograph still has a thickness even if it is small. A line on paper? Still, has the molecular level of height making it three dimensional.I woul...

Sleepy, I wake up.6 AM, my clock tells me.But I don't need it to say the time anymore,I know it already,as everyday, it's the same thing.It's the same old song,every day.It's the same old poem,being told, again and again.It's the same words coming from my...


Was it Calliope at play?

Puffy pink clouds dancing across a dawning sky.Billowing pillows, fluffy, tenderly inviting, sigh. Angels resting their heads, maybe dreaming?Brightening with the breaking day, gleaming.Picture perfect shades of dark and light.Shifting from darkness, a da...

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Things one knows, but still questions.

I wonder sometimes, this day will I make it through?Will I have the strength to finish the tasks at hand? Challenges the universe has given me, I need to do.Why life can be so complicated, I do not understand? My mother always told me, take each day as it...

Celestial Chorus Line

Imagining angles singing as night turn to day.

Venus, Moon and Jupiter all aligned. Heavens lightening, a gorgeous display. Planets creating a celestial chorus line . Singing praises of a coming new day. Gradually Venus and Jupiter are fading. Mountaintops radiate a copperish glow. Quarter Children's...

Life Appreciated

Just how quickly life can be ended.

As I get older, the more I appreciate life.Take the little Chickadee I found today.Once, living life with not too much strife.On its back, still, lifeless, black and grey.It had flown into a window ending verve.Spirit leaving his body in a millisecond. At...

Good Morning Stars

Looking at the stars before dawn and wondering is my mind part of the universe

 Good morning stars--again our orbits crossand I see your worldshigh above my life, my eyes touching youmillions of miles awaywhere we meet each dawn, your burning worlds swirling,though some are embers nowburnt out light years ago,a state I cannot knowsi...

I am here

I am everything in the universe.

I am hereI am the ground you walk on,the grass beneath your feet. I am the song on the wind, soft breeze through your hair. I am the smells in the forest,when you walk alone. I am the song of song bird,singing, you are not alone. I am the golden reddish s...