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Medusa Of Dance

Captivated by her movement, worshiping this Medusa of dance before me.

Like many others beforeHer dancing mesmerized meLeft comatose by the way she movedFloating across the floor like an AngelCaptivated by her swaying hipsThe music soothing my soulBecoming dazed in an induced tranceEach shake a drum to the beat of my heartHe...

Chapter 50 The Magic of Ederi

In the enchanted land of the ederi the Crumbling Rose is pulling itself together...

Chapter 50 The Magic of Ederi “I know what happened.” I continue, feeling dizzy with how much danger I’m putting myself in, that is, in the middle of an already uneasy, electrified situation. “Leot had always been with you – in the form of a black stone....

Tasting the Stone Shell

A story of obsession set in Shanghai in the 1980's

I had decided to visit Shanghai with the flurry of movement that invaded the city at that point in time after the war. This decision I took for my interest in the city, but mainly because of my subconscious desire to escape mounting debts, and an unrequit...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 44

It takes Demi a while to realize he will become a father of a very special child

Chapter 44 Destination: Gliese 581 Before I walk into the same dome I was forced to leave by Moro, I notice a tree, one of those “talking” ones. It keeps on showing me some symbols by protruding certain leaves and recessing the others. I stop by and shake...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 32

The desperation might bring a revelation... If you keep an open mind!

Chapter 32 The Wall Unseen “What do we do now? Where are the slabs with answers?” Iris is looking around, feeling lost without Eva’s strong support. There is no sun, but the landscape is saturated by a soft light of unknown origin. The ocean from here loo...