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5 years ago

Cook De'Kane: The Invisible Flame

Welcome to Sycamore County, a land of corruption and crime.

His presence was as discomforting as foretold. His cold and emotionless eyes pierced right through her. She had been warned of his dead stare but the forewarning gave her no upper hand. She was in absolute discomfort and he was enjoying the control. His n...

8 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 44

It takes Demi a while to realize he will become a father of a very special child

Chapter 44 Destination: Gliese 581 Before I walk into the same dome I was forced to leave by Moro, I notice a tree, one of those “talking” ones. It keeps on showing me some symbols by protruding certain leaves and recessing the others. I stop by and shake...

Phar Seeker was descended from Pharlap, a great race horse. Rupert, her owner, artificially inseminated her with sperm from Secretariat, and she was in labor. The rich racehorse owner and his friends encircled the mare, watching her have contractions. Elo...

Jennifer sat up in bed and greeted the morning with a smile. She glanced at the calendar, filled with pink X’s, on the wall next to the bed. She felt a special glow inside that made her tingle from head to toe, and today nothing would extinguish it. She t...

10 years ago


A couple celebrates their wedding anniversary with a surprise.

I woke up on a bright Saturday morning to the birds chirping and the sun shining in my face. Today is our wedding anniversary and I have something to tell my husband of one year. My gift to him is one he’ll never expect. I look up and see my husband carry...