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Sand Stories


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 19

"There was one nurse in particular who we all admired and heard so much about"

 Benghazi  . December 08th 1941   After the death of her friends, Maria threw everything she had into her work. She knew deep inside that she could not have done anything to prevent their demise. Two people had died that day and the more she thought about...


snoop on the radio

SummerWalking hand in hand.Two young lovers.Screach of gulls overhead.Stolen kiss.Giggles looking at the dunes.Love blowing in from out to sea.Blanket and basket in the boot.Top down hair blowing in the sun.Snoop on the radio.Back before dusk.Two young lo...

Scale Model

Kelsey meets a professional sandcastle builder on the beach.

Kelsey arrived at the Fort de Soto Sand Art Competition at twenty past two. After spending the morning walking four miles of the beach’s coast and counting all the dead fish she saw, she wandered over to the competition to watch the artists. The crowd was...

Sand Dunes

A Brief Reflection on Existence

Sand dunes alter their surfaces too soon, Nothing remains beyond a while, Winds keep working out miracles. Why do you look forward to lengthiness? Any length of time proves repetitive, A moment independent still goes a long way. Nothing remains beyond a w...

I sore

The once 'lived in walls' cave down and he moves on to new...yet one day while passing by........

While walking by my old homeA grain of sand fell in my eyeAnd as I looked at the crumbling wallsAnd trees growing out of theOnce ‘lived in’ hallsI tried to let the memories pass byAnd my hands moved to rub my eyesMy son asked ‘Isn’t that your old home dad...

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