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Disappointment Stories


The Apology

After a humiliating experience, a son has to face his father and the impending consequences.

I'd always found it odd seeing my brother as a father. I still remembered when we were kids, running around on the playground acting a fool. And now, he had a kid. When John had asked if I wanted to come with to pick him up, I'd said yes. Any chance to se...

The Builder and The Breaker

My first piece of writing in 8 months, hope it's a good read.

You and I had a grand house, Crafted from our dreams. It had everything we wanted, But it kept bursting at the seams. I mended and patched until my hands bled, Yet I smiled and told you 'we're ok it's not dead'. One by one you removed all the bricks, Unti...

The Shut Closet

She covered the closet with a curtain and waited for the day to come when she would be covered too!

There was a lot of hustle and bustle in the corner of the street where the famous door read, ’221b Baker Street.' Of course, it was not the entry or the exit of Sherlock Holmes and his paparazzi. It was the next door. A large parcel was being shifted to t...

Her ears rang with his constant shouting. Drained and exhausted. Her body betraying all natural instinct. She doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. His voice sent shudders throughout her. Screaming at her endlessly. Her head nodding side to side i...

I walk down the hall. There's a hutch with trophies in it, all of them made of gold or silver. The floor is wooden, stained oak. Stairs are ahead of me and my friend stands at the bottom. I try to smile, but my lips get stuck at a grimace. She looks up at...

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This poem only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.Build a bridge with crumbling bricksAnd fall into the depths below.Ask a token of an ancient princessAnd watch the moths fly from her scarf.Bake the bread of we...

This story only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.What lonely night is this whenHope comes a-knocking at my door?Her whispers through the oaken barricadePush my dreams into realms of fear.Fear of pain andFear...

The Packing Error: A Spoiled Romantic Getaway

Two lovers can’t straigthen things out on a romantic holiday. Really poignant stuff.

The years had passed as had desire. We simply didn’t have the fire that once consumed us many years ago. But you still ached to feel that spark that once caused magic in the dark. To feel your passions rage and ebb and flow. One day you said it would be s...

Broken Journey

Life in review

Growing up wasn’t much fun,In a dysfunctional family of the worst degree.But I always knew my life wasn’t done,The world still held much for me to see.School was hard.. no cap and gown,Too many things I worried about.The path isn’t clear with your eyes lo...