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Our General Fiction category is for stories of 1,000 to 10,000 words that do not fit into any other category, or that would work equally well in multiple categories. If your story is primarily in a specific genre, please submit it in that category rather than in General Fiction.


The Cabin In The Woods

The winter of 1597 was particularly harsh. It started snowing in late autumn. Most, if not all were unprepared for the long, cold winter to come. Jacob was such a man. He lived alone in a small cabin in the woods. The autumn was a time to stock the larder and fill the log shed. The early snow had left him with a near empty larder and log supply. Most of what little he had were taken by...Read On



Rosa went upstairs to check on Karen to find her on her knees in her bedroom apparently playing with someone who wasn’t actually there. Having been a nanny for many years Rosa didn’t see any harm in the fact that a nine-year-old had an imaginary friend, it has been something she had seen on a number of occasions and if no good ever came from it before then Rosa was unaware of that no good....Read On



‘Forgive me father for I have sinned...’ Father Joe usually took confession on a Friday evening and on one certain Friday in particular his first confession would also be his last of the evening. This one confession stunned him so to the point that he would not be able to continue on taking more. It would take him to his own past and also have him question his future. ‘...Twenty-five...Read On



The worst thing about being an executive of any business in a time of recession is when it is decided that the necessary cutbacks are to be job losses, especially when one of the unfortunate employees is a friend or even a neighbour or even someone who is both. This morning I had to let Arthur Dempsey go. Arthur is in his late fifties, even though he is well experienced and very dependable,...Read On



If you are going to become a butterfly and learn to float through the air, then you first must be the caterpillar and learn how to crawl. One can't simply just be a butterfly. Be the caterpillar, keep your head down, work hard, and dream big then one day, one day if the universe allows it, the time will come where you will open your wings and you will take to the skies. Big Bill was not...Read On


The Package

'I am finally gonna get to come out your way.' Paul smiled as the words appeared on his computer screen, still, even though he liked what he read, he didn't quite believe the words and it would take a moment or two for him to adapt to the statement as being something of fact and not an empty promise or a promise that may not come to be, but this was something which was actually going to...Read On



Greg and Sam had never met prior to the day they accidentally collided with each other. There had been no malice, intent, or even any real force in the collision but for something which had been so accidental, it had been enough to knock both men off their feet. Sam felt quite woozy, but he did, however, manage to get up quite quickly while quite oddly there was absolutely no movement at...Read On



The first time I saw her, she was crying while sitting on a wooden bench by the brick work entrance to the local town park. Being as large as it is, the park has five points of entry, the largest of which is that brick work entrance, also known as the Village entrance, as it is the closest the park comes to the town village. Ten feet to her left stood an old-fashioned streetlamp no taller...Read On


Back In Time

What once was ... will again be ...

Baby… Oh, baby… My sweet baby… You’re the one… To understand the way forward, the road to the future, one must go back in time… It can be said that love can sometimes be strange as it can also be said that love is eternal though what can be stranger or more strange than anything ever associated with love is to be caught in a loop with a part to play to keep love in order, for one...Read On


Hilltop Abduction

Rick and Martha drove up to the hilltop that they frequently used to go to in the days from when they were courting. It had usually been quite dark and mild on nights when they would have gone up there all those years ago as it also is on this particular evening. Yeah, it has been some time since they last came here. Recent reminiscing has brought about this special trip to a special place...Read On


An Everlasting Dream

There is a certain vagueness, a feeling of ‘not being there’ that is heavily associated with dreaming, whether that be daydreaming or night-time dreaming or even with nightmares; you know that feeling, you’ve experienced it yourself. It comes more so in the waking moment than in the dream itself. You know you have had a dream and that it was only that, just a dream and nothing more. I...Read On


The Dome

A dark look into a frightened soul

  I glance at my swollen belly, disgustingly wet from the sweating, while sitting on the creaking chair in this awful tavern. My old and weak hands are holding a pint of warm beer, barely enlightened by a feeble light coming from a small lamp hanging just above the counter I have my elbows on. Next to me, on a small plate, a horrifying resemblance of a toast.   I think about home,...Read On



Alex Jeffries wrote fiction for a living. His own personal paranoias were a known constant source of inspiration for his writings. Within his own life and according to himself, there were conspiracies everywhere, and everyone was out to get him. Even in death, his paranoia had to be catered to, for Alex feared being buried alive more than he feared anything else and when he was to be buried,...Read On


Dead Man's Journal

Hubert Granise, pacing the length of his pleasant lamp-lit library, paused to compare his watch with the clock on the chimney-piece. They were both in perfect sync just as they were when last he compared them only two minutes earlier. ‘Damn,' he thought, ‘Where is that boy?' The boy Hubert was referring to is Aengus Brennan, a young man with an internship with the city newspaper whose...Read On


Halloween at the Chateau Portal B&B

Sarah was ready to join the family business and for all the adventures in front of her.

It was Halloween and Sarah had a couple hours before her guests would arrive for the party she was hosting. Her parents had approved this one last party in the courtyard outside their residence. That included the common areas of the first floor of the Chateau with the half bath restroom and kitchen before the house opened officially as a Bed and Breakfast. There was a strict rule not to...Read On


The Office

In life we all have responsibilities; we all face hardships and deal with tragedy though for me with whatever comes my way I like to see the bright side, the positive side, the good side of life, even during times of difficulty. It is how we deal with adversity that makes us unique, makes us strong, right? Take my older brother for instance. He had been attacked and badly beaten a few...Read On


The Man In The Blue Suit

I was just nine years old in June of 1983 where due to illness I had to spend some time in hospital, ensuring I would miss out on the last couple of weeks of school. I was back to my normal self by the time school started back up that September. The illness itself wasn’t all so strange though the circumstances surrounding it were just that… Strange. A lot of my friends who I hadn't seen...Read On


Abe's Diner

It's a wonder as to how a place like Abe's Diner sees any business at all but business it does see and all the rest too. Castletown is and always has been a rather large and continuously growing town though Abe's sits alone on the outskirts of town more than a fair distance away from everything and anything else noteworthy. Prosper it has and prosper it does for a good three decades now....Read On


Be Kind, Please Rewind

The world is forever changing, at times it changes too quickly and not all change is necessarily good change nor is it always a wanted change. What if someone or something does not want to accept change? What if that someone or something is so unhappy being left behind in the doldrums created by progress that a will is created, an energy with a will to fight back and rewind the strides made...Read On


Gus: Part two of two parts

3. It is early morning and Gus has just left his house to head out to that chemist of his. A couple of days have passed since the visit of and then the subsequent death of constable Pierce Rowan. Gus’s nearest neighbour is once again out in his garden. ‘Hello there, neighbour.’ ‘Hi, beautiful morning isn’t it?’ ‘It is indeed,’ Gus manages to say before his neighbour heads inside. ...Read On


Gus: Part one of two parts

The universe, a giant unending night-time sky, an infinity of stars stretching out as far as the eye can see. Some stars are brighter and larger than others; this can be true of the sky above or of the land we live upon. The biggest star, the moon, is full and bright, it moves yet is unmoving. A disk of light leading the way, watching over a world in darkness bathing in light. Floating...Read On


The Healer

Today is born a seventh one, born of woman, a seventh son, and he in turn a seventh son. He has the power to heal; he has the gift of the second sight. He is the chosen one. So it shall be written, so it shall be done. – Lyrics from Seventh son of a seventh son by Iron Maiden.   Eleven-year-old Jamie was out playing ball by himself. He had been fighting with his brother until his mom...Read On


Leave Me Alone

“Howdy!” the grey-haired man behind the counter smiled. “That'll be five dollars, please."

Don't ask me why. I probably couldn't tell you if I wanted to. I had been given an opportunity in New Orleans. It wasn't a tough assignment, and would only take a couple of days to complete, so I decided to drive there. Okay, now, that doesn't sound like a problem except that I work in Chicago.   Let me try to explain. I am employed by a large airline based in Great Britain as an...Read On


The Day Trust Is Given

It started with a phone call from my wife who was out shopping. "I'm bringing home a cat," she told me. "You don't need my permission. Is it in need?" I asked. "Yes, he is and he's a big boy," she responded. "I look forward to meeting him," was my final word before the line went dead. About two hours later she arrived home with a large carrier. I was told they gave it to her with...Read On


Hey Joe

I remember that day so clearly. June 14th, 1986. It was the day my childhood best friend died. I was twelve and Joe Collins was nearly twelve, he would have got to be twelve years old if things had turned out… Different. He was coming up the garden path when I opened the front door. It was almost eleven and I had been up for hours. We had talked about building a dam the day before. The...Read On


The Ghosts of Mike and Jeff

Neither Mike nor Jeff knew each other prior to that evening. Their separate journeys on the same long stretch of road would most definitely alter both their lives in many ways, so much so that it would not only bring both of their lives to an end, but it would also see their lives continue on none the wiser as to if anything out of the ordinary occurred at all while creating an afterlife...Read On



Metamorphosis:- a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. For many, the eyes can tell a whole story on their own before even the beginnings of a word can be spoken. Eyes, they don’t lie … unless they want to and at that, they can then offer a deceptive sense of calm. A point came in the young life of a certain...Read On


Same Day Round

Nicole's coughing woke Nigel and Ian. It was half seven in the morning and in a way, it was just as well that the three friends were awake. The owner of the shop doorway they had been sleeping in would be arriving soon to open for about eight and he has a severe dislike of the idea that his premises are being used in the manner that the three waking friends are using it. The coughing...Read On


Watergate Park

A very odd encounter ...

During the latter half of 1989 and on into the early months of 1990 some of the local football fields in the town of Watergate along with the river which flowed alongside, were given a makeover and transformed into a public park with lakes, a geezer and so on and this park opened to the public early in the summer of 1990. Across the street where Jennifer Langton lives in this park and...Read On


The Swan

I saw something one night. Could it be what it appeared to be?

Strange things do happen and more often than not they tend to happen to me. This is the telling of the kind of thing that does happen. Went into the bar of a nearby hotel one evening, met up with a few of the lads, had a few drinks, and watched the televised football. It was late in the year, quite nippy outside but after having a few pints it always doesn't seem to be quite as cold as...Read On