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child abuse


Some people never give up

she died this morning, her bony little hands clutching her pigeon chest, a look almost of relief on her tiny face. sitting upright on the hard chair he feels a cold black thrill, like the Nazi he is. what will he do now? he's not used to being alone. he g...

Child Abuse: a musing

Just me getting my frustration and anger out about child abuse,asking tons of unanswerable questions

This whole entire week has had me ranting about one thing or another, but the issue with the largest presence in my mind is Child Abuse... or abuse of any sort, really. How can a person look at a child of any age, whether it is their child or grandchild o...

Philena- The Box

I'm writing more of her story, so she decided I should write this poem...insanity? Nah...Me = WRITER

------------------------------------- This work contains language and subject matter which some readers may find disturbing or offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entire...

Nymia- Female Crap

Inspired by the original music video for Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll...

They lay there, comfortable together- he was in a good mood, chatting about football and his truck. Missy (Nymia) nods in all the right places and smiles at him, and kisses him when he leans in for one, but for whatever reason tonight, when he wants more,...

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Horror-Film Reality

From my other site, a child abuse awareness piece...

Some nights, are calm. No shouting, No screaming,No pain.Most nights, though, are just like tonight.Painful. Loud. Twisted memories, Horror-film dreams.Mother at work, Father drunk, Fists flying, Words stinging.A child's history being made.Why? Why Daddy?...