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Laurence Cullen had icy blue eyes, thick black hair, and a wild temper that was encouraged by his Russian mother’s doting and his Irish father’s genes. “I rebuilt it, you didn’t pay for it, it’s mine and you can’t have it back until you pay me fo...

Rumple_deWriter 8 years ago

What Summer Means To Me

What I got to write on account of what Ms Carnahan, my teacher, claims I did yesterday in class.

WHAT SUMMER MEANS TO ME Summer means no school. Summer means having to mow your yard instead of going fishing or swimming. And to make matters worse, my tightwad father don't hardly pay me a thing for all that work. He claims rid...

Monet 10 years ago


A foolhardy young man dives off a cliff, struggles, and celebrates survival..

Mike hung by his toes at the edge of the quarry. He took a deep breath and pictured himself diving into the milky water 20 feet below. The water was said to be 50 feet deep at its center but neither he nor any of his friends knew how deep the water was ju...