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Your smile - Your kiss,Your sweet tenderness;I'll always cherishour times of bliss;Each hour - Each day,My love will stay; Growing deeper and stronger in every way.

Tender Kisses To My Face

Was I Hesitant? Or Distant?

KissingAn emotional in-depthThe passion one feelsHas certain effectsA shiver in ones bodyA tingle in ones skinA love that seems most certainA love that shines withinHeart beating so stronglyBody is shakingYour kisses to meLeave my body quakingAnd shakingA...

Know euphoria, know the joy,Play with life as if it was a toy. Watch the sunsets, wait for dawn,Know that someday our lives will be gone.There is no worry, no sorrow in sight,We play in daylight, we play in the night. Childlike jubilance fills up our days...