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Tenderness Stories


An Alphas Mate

An alpha and his mate walking tail in tail under the moon.

Sitting by your side.Looking at the moon,Feeling its lights warm embrace. Knowing I have found my mate,Feeling her heart beating,Wild with passion. Hearing her heart beating with mine,Feeling her touch,Even if through fur. Biting down on her neckHer bitin...

Your smile - Your kiss,Your sweet tenderness;I'll always cherishour times of bliss;Each hour - Each day,My love will stay; Growing deeper and stronger in every way.

How strange I muse, that fate should smile on me, And with a touch, such happiness bestow, For I have found quite unexpectedly, A dear companion from whose heart does flow Such tender love that banishes my fears, A gift so undeserved, and yet so kind That...


Intimate simplicity

You brush my hair  With gentle strokesSmoothed over by your handYou lift the locks up from my neckDivide it in three strandsThen braid it loosely down my backA dark and shiny plaitYou kiss my shoulder tenderlyAs we anticipateI turn around to see your face...

My Hand

Take my hand.

Here is my hand. Take it in yours. Put it to your face Against your cheek. Brush it with your lips. Caress it with your hair. Put it to your chest. Allow it to feel your heart beat. Let it feel your love. Hold it by your side. OR Take my hand. Twist it. S...

Ultimate Expression

This is the ultimate expression one person can give to another.

We stand facing each other, looking into each other's eyes. Our lips softly touch in a tender loving kiss. My arms go around her pulling her against me. Her arms go around my waist and her head rests gently on my chest listening to my heart beating for he...

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A Truly Perfect Love

Sometimes the idealization can be the realization.

My fingertips caress your hair and I no longer have a care about what happens in this mortal plane. You lay there close to me in bed and then I gently touch your head and you surrender love to me again. I feel your tongue from your soft kiss and on your f...