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5 years ago


"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it." ~Charlie Chaplin~

Life is a journey. We travel it's paths. Though not always easy. It's always adventuresome. Sometime feeling alone.Encountering many challenges and obstacles. Our goal is to reach a certain destination. Many of us have several goals to reach. Some will re...

6 years ago

Bespangled Sky

The universe grants this old man another day.

Purple clouds hang against a burgeoning blue Brightening scene backdrops black trees on the horizon Darkness again giving way to light brand new Spirits of night... spell soon will be broken Flickering stars once more bidding their final adieu Chilly nigh...

7 years ago

Awaiting Sunrise

Another day closer to spring.

Held tightly within winter's chilly grip. From the roof, icicles no longer drip. Catching one's eye, like a crystal chandelier. Beautifully illuminated as sun rays appear. Frosty branches, not even giving a flutter. -20, one would think they should shudde...

10 years ago

The Gathering of the Clan

A mother waits for her family to gather for a feast

Gathering of the Clan It was a special event, We’d set up the house And bought the food Cooked a feast for all our brood. The weather was holding Our hearts were glad My hopes were high. I hope it goes well, said I, looking up to the sky. Mad and Dan Sam...

10 years ago

Rainbows End

Come on cheer up, the sun's coming out!

Raining stair-rods, quick watch your head, Cats and dogs, they’d end up dead. Hammering it down, that must be Thor, God of thunder bashing at my door. Big umbrellas with a pointy spike, Spear me in places that I dislike. Wellie boots and waterproof coats,...

10 years ago

Oh Chameleon

a girl compares herself to a chameleon

CHAMELEON Oh Chameleon, basking on the rock, your skin the same hue as the surface you sit on in the sun that dapples light on you in your blissful heat bath. I too can change my colours blending into the background, when in an alien environment I do not...

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