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Desert Stories


Halls of Amenti

An American fortune hunter finds more than treasure in some ancient desert ruins.

Then for a dwelling place, far 'neath the earth crust, blasted great spaces they by their power, spaces apart from the children of men.  Surrounded them by forces and power,  shielded from harm they the Halls of the Dead.                                  ...

A Walk in the Desert

What could be more banal than going for a walk?

"A Walk in the Desert" (c) Mike Stone October 8, 2014   Tuvi Ornat put the old concert ticket he'd been using as a bookmark between the two pages he had been reading and laid the dog-eared paperback gently on the table beside his chair. He stood up and st...


I think about the weirdest things.

I don't know if I wanna sit about doing nothing or nap. I kinda want both,but also neither.Sleep feels much nearer but doing nothing is more of a head clearer. The trouble with naps,is you either wake up refreshed,or you find a desert has set up shopin yo...

I love it, this heat The scorching sun that sizzles on tar roads The searing metal of a seat belt buckle. Sure we complain One hundred and seventeen degrees Farenheit Some sadistic streak lets us enjoy The strolling walk in golf. Our shade is the long pol...

The Queen's Hammer

pillars of smoke in the distance

The Queen's Hammer Queen's Royal Hussars our challengers jump to life bringer of death to thy enemy new blokes welcome to the sand box sitting in my turret cup of afternoon tea a song comes across the radio I'm a soldier in the Queen's Army I'm a gallopin...

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I had radio watch. I usually did four hours a night. I wrote letters by flashlight. The letters all had a box in the lower left corner with tick-marks that I slashed into the notebook paper every time I saw a falling star. Mars marched angrily across the...

Crossing a desert is never a child's play. There's always so much of sands to get over.  Blistering sun during the day-time and unending thirst.  Camel-toes planting patterns ununderstandable. Crossing a desert is of no worth  If there's no river once you...

Magus of The Desert

A poem evocative of desert landscapes.

  Far from the sea, her sighing dunes All wander lost beneath the moons That wax and wane in an eternal sky; Where subtle symphonies of light And wondrous silences of night Draw the four winds from their pavilions, To rage across the stony plains, To driv...