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My mind begins to wanderat the end of each long day;Into the realm of the unknownand the roads along the way; The many choices that I madeas I led my life;I'll always wonder what could have beenif I'd become your wife; The mysteries my decision brought,th...

From a very early age, my father told me he was part Cherokee. Which meant I was part Cherokee. How much was always up in the air but there was some comfort in knowing whether it was a quarter, an eighth or even a sixteenth, I was a native American. Hell,...

Ashes fall upon glazed eyes, long stilled Concealing blood and bones, a carnage landfill Right and wrong, causes and convictions all dead and gone Warriors from opposing sides, together rot, entirely forgot The past is covered, a carpet thick in grey Ento...

5 years ago

The One Of Fire

Pheonix, The Prophecy.

The One of FireMade so powerfulIs it is our desireOr our downfallWe tried before, madeOne of ultimate powerWe never knew or sawThings would turn sourShe was our creationOur salvationShe caused suchDevastation We are the sunsOriginal lifeWe took the moonsA...

6 years ago


Prepare to hear the oath of a screwed up introvert with feelings.

The main reason for coming to like you again was for self-inflicting pain. Our friendship was reconciled, and immediately afterwards I was engulfed in a sea of guilt. And yeah of course, a shit ton of time passed on and you had dated two other people. Mov...

7 years ago

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Two boys decide to play with firecrackers with unexpected results.

The two firecrackers flew through the hot, dry air and exploded with almost simultaneous BANGS. The report echoed off of the surrounding woods and just as quickly as it came, it was gone again. Steven reached into the brown paper bag that lay at his feet,...

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8 years ago

Last Chances

this poem is about needing one more last chance.

13 million excuses, for all the wrong I do, I've broken your heart every time, I told a lie to you, the high isnt worth, the pain in your eyes, when will we wake up, when sombody dies, nothing to lose, our lives to gain, our kids are the ones, getting hur...

8 years ago

Parental Mistakes

My first foray into Hallmarked poems

Parental Mistakes My Mother was called Miriam, but mostly just “Mim,” I didn't know my real Dad, knew nothing, about him. Ma had a fancy, upon a mad whim, I was the result of their passion and sin. I dont blame either for their brief little fling, for wit...

Promises Ya know, those things you make just to break? The things that people hold onto when all else is gone The things made so easily, and broken easier If you only knew the things you’ve said The things you do, the things you hear They can change peopl...

When you see the sun, what do you look at? Is it the heavens or is it something more Grander and more supreme than a spring’s night? Or prettier and stronger than the shore? But what if the sun were to go out now? What if then lights come tumbling down An...