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Being brutalized for so long eventually makes one brutal in return.

The rumble snapped Fauna’s attention ― horse hooves pounding into hardened earth. She cautiously peered down from her cave; a cliffside hideaway perched more than ten meters above the forest floor.  A golden misty glow surrounded four horsemen who came to...

Moonlight Requiem: Part One

A young woman becomes addicted to enchanted faerie music

 Part OneWynn woke up to the sound of Clair De Lune resonating all throughout the big, empty house. It wound its lonely way up the stairs, through every hallway, until it came to rest gently in her ears, in her mind. Each note rang clear and clean like th...

Waelon and the Weed-puller

A wylie faerie aristocrat becomes curious toward a Sighted mortal

Part One“Does iron really burn you?”Waelon swiveled his head to look down at the tiny human girl as she stared up at him with big, unblinking brown eyes.“You see me,” he stated.The girl nodded thrice, her caramel-colored locks bouncing around her face. Sh...