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Pretend Stories


Big Faker

Faking isn't nice

You don't know meAlthough you say you doYou will never understandThe things that I go throughYou don't hear meBut yet you still pretendOffering up false empathyYou pretend, just to pretendYou talk about meLike I'm not even hereThen wonder why I am angryPl...

Home Groan

Messy Mind

Fuck! I wish I didn’t care. I wish I could walk away and never look back, forgetting everything, feeling nothing. I should never have come here. I certainly don’t belong here. Belong. What a strange word that I’ve never really experienced. People call me...


phony people

Preople. Pretend people. Where do they come from? Who are they? Sometimes even they don’t know. Yet they consciously pretend to be who they aren’t. They lie about their age. They lie about where they are. Sometimes they even lie about their gender. Preopl...


Resurrected from the archives of my youth.

It's an endless circle.A cycle that has a futile end right from the beginning.To act otherwise than who you aremakes the reaction the same then both parties leavewondering where the truth liesbut it doesn't.