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Today is born a seventh one, born of woman, a seventh son, and he in turn a seventh son. He has the power to heal; he has the gift of the second sight. He is the chosen one. So it shall be written, so it shall be done. – Lyrics from Seventh son of a seven...

7 years ago

Echo of Sight

Roland Stark is a high school senior coping with sudden visual impairment.

Do people go through life on a predetermined path, like a straight line? I often wondered that during the summer of my junior year of high school. I lived a straight line, it seemed like, and it was routine to me. I’d do the things normal people would at...

Anonymous 8 years ago

It was dark and cold under the looming canopy of trees. The moon shown through the leaves, casting pale patches of light, obscuring the eerie shadows. Everything was still for this was the meeting place. A frigid breeze sliced through the trees filling th...

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9 years ago

eye glasses

I fall through a door.

How fragile is life not seen but listened to and felt. A delicate screw, that held my right eye lens, fell onto the tiles. Feeling my way with my feet, I saw the world through a blur. Weightless for one second, falling, I did not see the opticians’ notice...

He catches her eyes, and smiles all grand,He revels in her beauty,He saunters over, and asks for her hand,With unbridled desire, t'was never in duty.Her heart soars, no longer lonely,And she accepts in glee and grace,She sees she's found her one and only,...