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5 years ago

Throbbing Sockets

Post-surgery agony - such a simple yet hideous thing

This poem only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.Throb, throb, throb,With the weight of liquid lead oceansThumping against theLeague-thick wallsOf iron and stone whereCaverns of viscous bloodSeeps and pumps in...

6 years ago

Surviving Once More

Another spin of the wheel of life.

What are the odds, I wonder. Two different cancers in less than a year. Doesn't seem fair, but I learned long ago that it ain't always fair. I had the prostatectomy done on February 23rd of this year. The year 2015 was on its way to becoming memorable. I...

Today is June 9th, 2015. I've gone in for my first three month checkup with my cancer surgeon. His specialty is urology, and he's also a surgeon, having worked at the Mayo Clinic. I trust he's good at what he does. Over three years ago my family doctor fo...