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Another Day, Another Panic Attack

The difficulties of living with anxiety, and how something little can make a huge difference

I was awake at 4am (after dreaming of panicking), worrying about going to Painsburys for 7am (when it tends to be quiet), when it occurred to me that Stressco might already be open! It was, and so I went down there. There were lots of workers doing the on...

CB Radio

Remembering CB Radio

Do you remember the CB radio craze? Were you part of it? It was a big thing here in the US in the early to late 70's. Now it had been around for years but was used mostly by businesses for communication purposes. Then someone discovered how much fun it wa...

Paranoia Call and Response

Fractured mind of a social-paranoid; call and response between the mind of one person

You wake up and you aren't happy to be in the same place...the same 50 inch room with the same beds and the same damn windows and the same fucking hard, wooden floor. And you're sick of all those voices in your head, and outside of it, telling you to shut...