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Communication Stories


Unveiling the Past

Jess talk about her past

Chapter 4 As the evening unfolded, Jess and I found ourselves enveloped in an intimate and serene atmosphere. The soft glow of the flickering candlelight danced across the room, casting a warm and comforting aura. It created a perfect backdrop for the dee...

"You're married?" Susan exclaimed. I felt a hole where my stomach should have been. I saw the look of shock and horror across her face. Then a pained look took over her whole body. I broke out in a cold sweat. I couldn't imagine hurting this woman and I b...


Damn you, lizard brain!

I remember the day we created art,The surest sign I gave you my heart.Posing and kissing we took shot after shot,The caption reading my deepest thought. We hung it with care in our little room,Our symbol of love among doom and gloom,Something of us, that...

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Watch for signs. Your loved ones may need help.

I see you there, Out in the sea,Waving at people, Who just wave back. They don't understand.You're not having fun.The struggle is real,Too tired to swim. They can't see your callYour cry for help.The waves take you down.Why won't they come? Maybe they can...

Is it a lost art?

Is it all to simple to find someone new....

After talking to you, I walked outside and leaned against the rail as I drag my cigarette and look out over the city.Wondering how this happened,how using the internetfills a need, a craving for affection. I guess I need to know,what happened to being wit...

Into Black and White

needs for communicating

Into black and white I often wonder if our voices are actually heard. If people read our every word! Or is it like life where you skim through it to get to the end Never realizing that you might lose a friend. We don’t stop to see and admire the picture a...

CB Radio

Remembering CB Radio

Do you remember the CB radio craze? Were you part of it? It was a big thing here in the US in the early to late 70's. Now it had been around for years but was used mostly by businesses for communication purposes. Then someone discovered how much fun it wa...

My Words are Translations

An expression of how hard it is to express in words all that you feel and be truly understood

My words are translations of my breathing and are hard to say in your language. My tongue, my teeth, my lips can barely pronounce the words from my country where the mountains are steep, the valleys dark and cannot be reached without effort and desire. I...

A Post Mortum Farewell

A son recalls the sudden passing of an aging parent.

I sat beside him as he cooled. I touched his hand and stroked his head. Death had come an hour before. They placed him on a hospital bed. I found him on the bathroom floor. There was no pulse or breathing sound. He collapsed behind the wooden door. There...