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Rock Stories


Risen from the Ashes

She has risen from the ashes

There was a girl,So perfect and sweetSo very beautiful,With beauty that Shines so bright. She grew stronger,Day by dayFinding a place Where she could growTo withstand everything,That was thrown her way. She withstood the fiercest stormsThe thunder, the ha...

Life has become a mess. Nothing seems right anymore. It seems I can't make sense of the world I lived before. Tied down with barbed wire to keep me from leaving here.I want a brand new start anywhere but there. I'm broken down inside.Can't seem to make se...


Music can be a powerful influence on the mind and soul.

Memories pour into my head. How do I make sense of emotions I've never known? Only a radio tells me the way to go. The static buzz rings in my ears as I hear the voice of reason. Cry out in pain. Sing away the ache. What could I do but believe that my pai...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 36

Demi is upset about his future prospects, but that does not stop him from action in the present!

Chapter 36 Unseen Dangers What are we looking for? Where would they be? I touch the rock sticking out of the side of the pit. The compound of the rock comes back to me as silicone-based plus tons of further unnecessary information. As I admire the crystal...