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If you could see the future, would you really want to?

She wakes with a startle, groggy as if hungover from some overindulging celebration. Though, it isn’t liquor that has her brain so foggy.  Fumbling for her pen and pad—now kept diligently on the bedside table—she begins to scribble, no time to even compos...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 9

In this chapter Demi finds Aret and his lover, and warns them that they are not out of danger yet

Chapter 9 Love Is Not To Be Judged It is not a woman, but a man of about forty years old. Very handsome, in a long dark cloak. His eyes are full of love, as he kisses Aret on the lips. Dara’s son ran away with a guy! “Are you wounded?” Ner kneels by me, h...