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She stared at her reflection: silver-streaked hair, laughter lines, dark circles beneath her eyes. She looked middle-aged. Was middle-aged. Where were the white hair and deep creases of later years she’d expected to see as her end neared? Too soon… way to...

The smell of freshly cut grass on a bright and warm summer’s day may sound like a nice thing to experience, but unfortunately for me it generally isn't. My hay fever gets so bad that medication to relieve its symptoms doesn't help me out all that much. Ha...

A Decision That Nearly Cost Me My First Entrepreneurship Effort

It has been my dream since college days to own a company.

It has been my dream since college days to own a company. Back then, I wasn't ambitious (or greedy if you can call that), I just wished for a small company with a couple of employees. That’s it. I do not want my company to be listed in fortune 500 compani...

The senior prom. It had been all that Natalie could think about when she returned to school in September to begin her senior year. She often day-dreamed of what it would be and feel like walking into the banquet hall dressed to to the max, with hair and m...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 55

How do you measure love? What is love? What was predicted, comes true.

Chapter 55 The Measure of Love Kallitris leans to me, hugs me with his wing and kisses in the lips. The pale light from the windshield hits his webbed wings and they light up dark amethyst-purple. What a magnificent creature he is. I would love just to be...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 53

Salix does the unexpected out of compassion, and not anger. Would you?

Chapter 53 Friendship in Despair “Well, you’re correct. He is slow, because he is in the process of intercepting Leot’s communication with Almaz. I believe it’s his real reason for going there. But the official reason for the attack is tellurium. Our citi...

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