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Our children’s category focuses on stories suitable for readers up to the age of twelve and includes picture books, fantasy themes, fairy tales and historical fiction. The target audience may be early readers (ages 5-7) where the language used is fairly simple, or older children (ages 7-12) where stories consist of several short chapters.


Scamp's Adventures #10 Sparky Meets The New Neighbors

Oh what will happen on the farm today

It was a beautiful summer day on the farm. Sparky, the dog, was laying on the porch resting after a fun morning of playing with his friends. He was watching the people go by and would bark to say hello to them. Scamp, the monkey, was hanging from the porch railing waving at the people. People would call out hello. They were enjoying the sunshine. Jack, the donkey, and Blackie, the horse,...Read On


Scamp's Adventures #9 : Another Easter Adventure on the farm

It's springtime what is Scamp and friends up to in this adventure.

It was springtime on the farm. Miss Emily went all out for the decorations this year. She even found a six-foot-tall inflatable bunny. Sparky saw the giant bunny and went into guard dog mode and barked and yipped. All the animals came to check out the reason for the barking. Miss Emily explained to everyone that it is just a bunny and perfectly harmless. Sparky about died of embarrassment....Read On


MOON CHALLENGE : Scamp's Adventure #7 : A Spaceship Adventure

What will the animals do today ?

It was a quiet day at the farm...  Scamp, the monkey, heard about the local space shuttle building contest open to all ages and told Sparky, the pup. The contest was to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo 11. They thought it would be great fun to enter. Miss Emily had just had a new refrigerator delivered and the box was in great shape and all they would have to do is find things...Read On


Back to School Challenge: Mail Call

Waiting can be rewarding sometimes

The very first day their new grade school teacher told them they were going to be learning to write letters. That was the start of their school year there at the elementary school out in the desert of Southern California.  It was August and still summer. The sun is never, hardly ever, covered by clouds. So hot most of the year. That didn't bother the kids. But now there was no more vacation....Read On



Once there was a little girl. This particular little girl was always curious. She was brimming with questions that spilled over in a constant babble of queries.  But with each answer she was provided, her curiosity grew. When she was small, her mother seemed to have all the answers. And as endless as the little girl's curiosity was so too was her mother's patience. Whenever she asked her...Read On


Granny's Stories

Short, easy stories to read for those who have trouble reading

Up and Down The blue sky is up. The brown ground is down. The sun is up in the blue sky. The green grass is down in the ground. The moon is up in the dark sky. The yellow flower is down in the ground. Look up! Look down!   Hole in Her Pants Dora has a hole in her pants. The hole is at her knee. Dora also has a scratch on her knee. Dora was running and fell down. Granny...Read On


Brian visits Eboney

Brian the tooth fairy.

Tooth Fairy 3618, also known as Brian, rolled onto his back and looked out the window. The sun was going down and it was time for him to go to work. He pushed off his blankets and sat up. He gave a huge yawn and stretched his arms to the sky. On a magical board that hung on the wall beside his bed appeared the name and age of a girl who had lost her tooth. Her name was Eboney, and she was...Read On


Skywriters Prologue

the beginning of a very old story of mine

The ship sank. It wasn't like it is in the movies. There were no fancy explosions or any of that out of control pomp and circumstance. After three days at sea, it simply slid beneath the glassy surface of the water like a retreating shadow at dawn. There were two survivors floating in the turpentine waters at the time of the sinking, both girls, one with white-blonde hair and star-filled,...Read On


A Grand Day For Mr. Rabbit

A grand story of friends jammimg.

Mr. Rabbit had had a very tiring week, harvesting his bountiful garden. Now that that was done he was exhausted and in need of some quiet relaxation. And who better to spend a quiet day with, he thought, than with his good friend, Mr. Turtle. “Yes, a nice quiet day with my good friend Mr. Turtle would be just the thing I need,” Rabbit mused. “Especially as tomorrow is my birthday. I...Read On


The Great Big Flower

The flower who grows a family

Once upon a time, there was a great big flower, she had survived terrible droughts and floods. But now, wanted to plant her own seeds in the planting season. She planted her first seed. She kept it close so she could shade it and shelter it as it grew. The seed grew to be a beautiful flower. She was dainty and very close with the great big flower. The dainty flower became a great...Read On



You never know who is listening

Years ago I wrote a story in my college class called #Promese# It is pronounced like Promise but with the "e" sound. Story Promese lived in a high-rise apartment in New York overlooking a neighborhood of tall buildings filled with broken glass in the streets, the steady sound of cars passing on the neighboring streets, the constant sound of glass bottles being broken on the ground from...Read On


Lizzie the Lizard Wizzard

There once was a little lizard who grew up to be quite a wizard. Lizzie was her name, for that her mom was to blame. Now Lizzy was the type who just loved to complain and gripe. When things didn’t turn out, she was inclined to pout. And even when things were well, Lizzie would rebel. Besides her father and her mother, Lizzy also had a brother. She and her family shared a house with a sailor...Read On


John......the Ghost chapter 3 by kscorn080 (pete)

Jimmy's parents meet John and Martha

John......the Ghost ch 3 Art, Sara and Jimmy went to church and afterward they went to Golden Corral for lunch. Jimmy was fidgeting and distracted during lunch and finally his Dad asked him what was bothering him. Jimmy was silent for a moment and finally decided that the truth was the best way forward. "Daddy would you and Mom think I was fibbing if I told you I was talking to the ghosts...Read On


John......The Ghost chapter 2 by kscorn080 (pete)

Jimmy meets John and Martha

John......the Ghost ch 2 Later that day Sara keeps an eye out watching Jimmy as he mows and edges the yard next door. After finishing the mowing, Jimmy pulls the mower out by the alley and brings the hose out to clean it off. He is wiping the mower down when Jake suddenly barks and jumps up to run and greet Jimmy's Dad. Jimmy runs and hugs his father and grins broadly when he looks around,...Read On


John......the Ghost chapter 1 by kscorn080 (pete)

Ghosts aren't always bad.

John.....the Ghost ch 1 Jimmy Seemore awakes early Saturday morning. He goes to the kitchen where his Mom, Sara prepares breakfast. Jimmy is ten years old and has done very well in school this year and is looking forward to his first job this summer. He has promised the Blakes next door that he will watch over their house, mow their yard and care for their big dog Jake. Jake is a big...Read On


Maude and the Mice by kscorn080 (pete)

Farmer's wife has mice for friends.

Maude and the Mice by kscorn080 (pete) The sun was going down and the woods were turning dark as John climbed down off his big green John Deere tractor. He smells the fresh meatloaf that Maude had promised she would fix today. He walks in through the side door that goes into the utility room. He always changes his sweaty clothes and dusty boots in there. There is a short hallway that...Read On


The Great Muffet Caper

Jack Vine PI cases

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File The Great Muffet Caper “Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. When along came a spider who sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away.” I’m Jack, I’m a private eye and this was the lead story on the front page of this morning’s Meadow Gazette. It was being treated as a missing person...Read On


Case Of The Missing Candlestick Maker

Jack Vine PI case book

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File Case Of The Missing Candlestick Maker “Jack be nimble Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candle stick.” It had been a couple months since Tiny and me cracked the caper of The Lost Little Lamb, and yes I was sort of seeing Mary on the side now. Her sister Terri, also a knock out, had fiery red hair, an hourglass...Read On


Gator Tales

A short story on friendship.

My name is Kodi, Kodi Gator. My dad tells me I’m a junior, but being's his name is Big Mike, I’m pretty sure it’s just a thing with him. Maybe someday I’ll look into that, but not today. Today, you see, is my birthday, and I finally get to go off on my own unsupervised by Mom. (Mom, you should know, is a little overprotective sometimes. Don’t tell her I said that though.) “Mom!” I...Read On


The Gingerbread House Caper

Fairy-tales, in the Jack Vine case books

From The Files  Of Jack And The Giant Private Investigators Case 17: The Gingerbread House Caper Beep! Beep! Beep! My eyes opened grudgingly to the sound of the annoying alarm clock. It was one of those windup ones manufactured in China by cheap labor earning a bowl of rice and a couple Yen a day. I promptly hurled it to the floor silencing it forever, thus doing my part to keep...Read On


You want what

You didn't write Santa for that.

You want what? It was Christmas Eve 1996, daddy was back from the war in Vietnam. It had been a long year with daddy gone. Everyone was so excited about Christmas. We all bundled up and everyone jumped into the car to go and see all the Christmas lights. We were having such a great time and suddenly our five year old son excitedly said, “I can't stand it. I want it to be...Read On


Thistle Down

How Thistle Down's name was changed...

This story only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Once upon a time, the Princess of Black Onyx Tower and the Little Fat Fairy decided to go for a walk. "Where shall we go?" asked the Little Fat Fairy. "Let us go along the Porridge Estuary, towards the village of Abbots Bourbon," replied the Princess. And so, the Princess of Black Onyx Tower...Read On


Tangerine Cartwheels

Third grader Caralynn Campbell can not do a cartwheel and it is ruining her life!

Today I am at the community pool with my best friend Brittany and Brittany's new friend Drew. I'm wearing my favorite tangerine orange bikini. I also just had my favorite snack, which is an ice-cream taco. This should be a really fun time. Only, it's not. At least not for me. "WATCH ME DO A CARTWHEEL!" shouts Drew. We're over on the grassy part, by the fence. I watch Drew do a...Read On

Recommended Read

Lucy's Secondhand Wand

Lucy puts a previously owned magic wand to the test.

Lucy found the magic wand at a garage sale. It was obviously used and the asking price was two dollars. “How do I know if it really works?” she asked the man behind the table. “You drive a hard bargain there, missy,” he replied. “I’ll give it to you for a dollar, but not a penny less.” For a dollar she figured she couldn’t go wrong, so she bought it. When Lucy got home she...Read On

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Editor's Pick

Misadventures in the Royal Word Cellar

Theo Sorris, page to the king, seeks a cure for Princess Poubelle’s Ghoulish Mouthus.

It happened on the very day Princess Poubelle was to meet her intended, the handsome Prince John Don Ron von Finkleshteen. She came down with a wicked case of ghoulish mouthus . This frightful illness made it so everything the princess said was ill-mannered, ill-spoken and just plain nasty. “I’ll never marry Prince Shtinklefiend!” shrieked the normally polite princess to her...Read On


The Balloon from La Mancha

A deflating balloon makes a quixotic attempt at relevance.

There was once a balloon that belonged to two little brothers. He floated against the ceiling in the corner of the boys’ room, his string hanging down. When the brothers brought the silvery balloon home from the birthday party, they fought over him. Their mother said they had to share. At first they paid lots of attention to him. Then they forgot all about him. Now his air was leaking out,...Read On


A Little Christmas Fairy Tale

What is at the very heart of Christmas?

This story only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Once upon a time, there was a little Christmas fairy. She was a beautiful little Christmas fairy! Her lips were as pink as sugar mice, and her eyes were holly-green, like the holly sprig she wore. Her curly hair was a mane of spun gold, and her wings shimmered liked feathered frost. Her dress had...Read On


Big Black

Everyone is a friend at Clay Pond; with a few exceptions.

The Adventure into Nature Begins BIG BLACK Prelude To Clay Pond The story of Clay Pond is more than a legend; its an actual account of the lives of every one who ever lived here. Each creature was important, and no one was superior to any one else. The pond was created by a meteor landing at the site of an artesian well. This pond was spring fed as a result and would never...Read On


Cieren Of Glaslyn Wood

Cieren has to reach Glaslyn Wood.

Cieren Of Glaslyn Wood Cieren had to cross the deep ditch to reach the safety of Glaslyn Wood. Cieren felt very tired and hungry. Luckily it had been raining and the worms were not far from the surface of the ground. Cieren could smell them. His mouth watered , just thinking about a nice juicy worm! So first things first, he decided to dig. He had not dug far when he came across his...Read On


Gabriel, the Church Mouse

Gabriel ... A mouse who lives in a church.

Gabriel was a church mouse. He lived in the old church of St. Mark's in a village in England. His parents had died two years ago. It was tragic for Gabriel. He had been made an orphan by the church cat! Whiskers belonged to the vicar's wife. She had left the church door open one afternoon after she had been arranging the flowers on the altar. Most days she remembered to close it. She...Read On