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Micro Fiction

As with our Flash Fiction category, the aim of micro fiction is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words. Where Flash Fiction generally ranges from 100 to 1000 words, Micro Fiction submissions should be under 100 words and can cover any of the fiction genres.


Death on the Lyle

A tale of carnage and destruction!




What will your future bring, you wonder

The yelling seems to always start late in the evening when you are in bed. But not asleep. You could hear it all, taking it in, learning from it, making it part of your reality for the future. Would you build a future with bricks and mortar of shouts and pain? Would you exist sharing love and kindness, forgiveness?  You never talked about it in later years. Never shared it. ...Read On



Friendship is sweet

Sally Mouse and Cassie Cat are the best of friends.  Sally decides to make Rice Krispies treats with unicorn marshmallows. She knows they are one of Cassie's favorite treats and wants to show her that they are cherished friends. She makes them special by using her favorite unicorn cookie cutter.  She and Cassie like to share treats and have silly conversations as they enjoy each...Read On


A Friendship Treat!

What is your special delight?

Cassie Cat and Sally Mouse have been friends for a long time; however, it hasn't been the smoothest of journeys. However, they have always come out the other side stronger and happier when they were together.  Cassie decided for world friendship day she wanted to do something special for Sally, to show her how important she is.  Cassie decided to make some baked treats as a gift because...Read On


Truth or Dare

Her own game of Truth or Dare

Chloe was in a state of ennui without solace. Alas, she was part of the world-wide pandemic advised to isolate. Having a very acquiescent nature, she washed thoroughly and masked up in public and scoured the internet in search of relief. Finding a bizarre poem of living beyond normality, she felt a spark for adventure and maybe her own game of truth or dare. Surely she knew her living spaces...Read On


A Midnight Kiss

Once upon a midnight kiss, the shadow fades. Now only a memory of a broken mirror blighted sordid, and so I pray. Putting to rest the fog or mist, for I am but a troubled smile. When the time comes, darkness descends. With a burial shroud and pale complexion, as the curtain closes on the day. But without a tear for it is written, to forever disguising my immortality.  For I was but a...Read On


She Talks To Maya Angelou

Paying tribute to Influential Writers

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, and her creative brain is racing, racing once again. The house is soundless and dark. During those lonely hours, that dreamy state, she finds herself talking to Maya Angelou, the master poet, the one who possesses language, wisdom and light. She asks for guidance, some inspiration, that jolt, that will appear and fill all those sad, blank pages that wait for...Read On


How I Come To Love Moo Goo Gai Pan

Of my four-score matey. over the chamber pot. Shadows linger from the night's moo goo gai pan. Of dark chicken and rice. The memories cling to echoes. Loud yet no sounds to be heard. Just vibrations in the dark, knocking off-key. Looking for my way out of loneliness. Waiting for the skin spots to fade. In this lazaretto of isolation. As the albatross curse my guilty omens. Of my...Read On



Intoxicated by the night's velocity the withers of twilight brings. Like a string on a bobbin of a cello. Darkness is unfettered to reign in your emerald green eyes. With your lips of crimson-red macabre. Rising above a shadow that shades. But it's your flesh that raises my hackles and summons me to your opium sweet chastity. For I must feel your lips dance on my piccolo as the dervishes of...Read On


Mum Is The Word

As the marigolds whither in the last days of September and leaves turn red. There is no one to kiss my boo-boo. No one to sing me a lullaby. But many moons have I cried in this dark grave six steps beneath the stone. Visited occasionally by ladybugs and the monks that scythe the wheat. No time for ho-hum. Mum is the word.   ...Read On


I'm Buying If You're Flying

There will always be buyers and flyers.



Healing Hands

Touch me with your healing hands



Halloween Tale

Fun times

It is a quiet fall day and Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween candy as far as the eye can see. Itty bitty candy bars and mountains of candy corn and Laffy taffy. Little ones in their Halloween costumes. Witches, ghosts, firemen, nurses, and policemen. The usual cast of characters for spooky good fun. Parents looking for things to occupy the little ones to keep them safe....Read On


The Depot

I have a make-believe teabag in my watch pocket. A crumpet off the griddle. Still warm with freshly churned butter. And I have seashells from the seashore, although there ain't no sand. But I carry my dreams in a bottle of Jack Daniels. Waiting here at the depot as the world passes me by. My ticket is punched. With a make-believe tea bag in my watch pocket.      ...Read On


Wake Up, Baby

Living among good Christian folks.

"Baby? You awake? Wanna date?" The car had pulled up and awakened the boy, crunching on the gravel road. It wasn't the first time. He reached under and made sure the ax was under the couch where he slept at night. Keeping it there felt safer. His mother whispered through the front door, "It's after three. You'll wake the kids."  They were always drunk. They'd leave at last. This...Read On


Gross My Verbs

Gross of my verbs like hump-back crows. Dark my philosophy of thundering words, through the soot of Rotterdam. Like the twilight with the mange. Regurgitating my sins with Ouija's omens. Listening to lords of my gothic Parchisi. Rolling the dice of my iniquity. In the hedgerows of my immortality over the paling dells of gobshites. Removing the hearts of stone. Swallowing death of defiled...Read On


Yes, the cats play

I wrote this in response to a friend that was trying to extol the virtues of being a dog owner. "Cats don't play as dogs do," he informed me. "Yes, they do. You just have to understand the game," I respond. Our little ragdoll female loves to play and her favorite game is "Where's the kitty." The game starts when I go into the basement to start a load of laundry. As I'm sorting the clothes...Read On


She Never Forgot

Kindness is learned at any age



When I'm Alone

I hate when he travels...

Little things see me through the times when I’m alone. I slip on your t-shirt and inhale the faint scent of your cologne. Silly, I suppose, but it helps. I hug my pillow and hold on to the thought that you won’t be gone forever. The grandfather clock chimes half-past eleven. That cursed time difference always messes with my head! Should you have already called? Or am I fretting over nothing? ...Read On


Blame It On Hank

They sat in a silence so solid it had assumed the status of a third party. Her shoulder turned to him, face pressed against the car's side window. He tried to think of something to say. But couldn't. So he switched on the radio. It was the Country Gold station; Hank Williams was singing, 'Your Cheatin' Heart'. So he said, "did you know that Hank Williams was only twenty-nine when he died?"...Read On


Dream a little Dream

Was it a dream?

When she awoke, she was alone except for the cats.  She sat there and tried to capture the essence of what had to be the most marvelous of dreams.  Incredible characters, a fanciful story, danger, and friendships galore that felt remarkably real.  She looked in the mirror hanging on the wall for a clue as the black cat purred loudly in her lap while the white cat curled around her feet.  As...Read On


Tis The Season

She couldn't do it any longer

"I'm sorry Marge, I can't drive with you any longer." "Why not, Lois?  I thought we were friends?  Is it my driving?" "Yes, we are friends, good friends.  And no, it's not your driving." "Then what's the problem?" "You just had your car fixed, right?" "Yes!" "You went to the brake place down on Main St.?" "Sure, you even recommended them.  I got a very good deal" "I know, I know, but...Read On


Cornish Hen

Spawning the dead with the night's lilliputians. When I was but a loose nail in a granite garden. But a corpse must grow too dark heights of blue veins and all those lovely things. That tickle the bones of insomnia's cravings. But beware of the caffeine. It keeps one awake with a better dream than yesterday. Spawning the dead with the night's lilliputians. Now, I but a Cornish hen.     ...Read On


They Believe Him Now

Everyone looked a little sideways at him after his youthful stories

The town mourned when he passed away and held a very large funeral.  He was survived by his wife, three children, and many grandchildren.  The officiant told his long life and the many changes he had brought to their town.  Suddenly a  dark shadow passed over the ceremony, the crowd stepped back as a large green dragon landed close-by.  The officiant told everyone to remain calm.  The...Read On


She's Come Into Her Own

She found love, but also found her purpose in life!

She wiped a smudge off her porcelain cheek. Her husband clapped her shoulder. "You were supposed to stay out of it." "I would have if the witch hadn't sent that dragon!" The neighboring Queendom thought the death of her step-mother was an opening to invade, she thought ruefully. "The men are starting to get used to you leading from the front! Your small friends were a huge help." "The...Read On


Love Wins!

She enjoys a visit to the seaside

She sat on the beach watching her children playing in the surf.  She knew they were perfectly safe but also knew the dangers of the water all too well.  Her husband sat on the sand next to her, his arm around her shoulder comforting her and making her feel secure. "Do you ever miss it?" She looked a little wistfully as one of her sisters rose high in the water with her older daughter on...Read On


The Watered Down Version

Saying goodbye and moving on

In the watered down version of you, you are merely an acquaintance not the love from my youth. In this version, you are smaller with those thin hands that keep slipping through mine. And, yes, you still speak with a bit of a southern accent, but it’s not smooth or gentle. This voice does not grasp me at once wrapping me in the light that was you. Those sweetheart-baby doll-honey-sugar words...Read On


Checkin' In

Ya do what ya gotta do and thank the Lord for the time between

Leather clad knuckles rap the bar. Irish Jack grabs the whisky and pours a shot. "How ya be, Bill? Good week?" "Got those bastard Darcy boys, but they're thin shit for the miles rid. Need me some tender mercy tonight. Fanny free?" "Always for ya, Bill. Likes the way your Colt hangs, eh?" "Somethin' like that." Up the stairs, the door squeeks open. She's propped up on the bed, dressed in...Read On


Success Can Be Earned

He stopped to visit the old homestead.

He opened the door to his old hut. It had been years since he’d been here. He never could bring himself to sell it, even after his mother passed on. So much had happened since that one day. His name became famous throughout the land and opened so many opportunities. He made some mistakes, but he learned who he could trust and who he could not. He found himself successful beyond his dreams...Read On


Crossing Paths

Deep be her verdant green eyes. Wanderlust of dark withers. With a hymn of the silent night. In my dreams, dripping lust from the collarbone of the gothic moon. Beneath the willows crossing paths, like shadows of daffodils, blooming silence. Deep be her verdant green eyes of thimbles and stones. In rows of granite mahogany. As my dreams run backward. Listening to the crying.        ...Read On