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Micro Fiction

As with our Flash Fiction category, the aim of micro fiction is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words. Where Flash Fiction generally ranges from 100 to 1000 words, Micro Fiction submissions should be under 100 words and can cover any of the fiction genres.


That Radiant Smile

Behavior that's hard to forget



The Emperor

Your name will divide opinion for as long as Europe lasts, and many think only of your overweening ambition. Yet you saved your country from chaos, and even as your armies marched across the continent they were engaged in an act of creation as much as destruction, resulting in the making of modern Europe. And in their wake you imposed a unified legal code that has never been replaced. Even...Read On

Recommended Read

The Little Bliss

Just remember the bliss



Relaxing Work Music

Let the music resonate across the land




5 of 5 These aged walls no longer hold me...




4 of 5 So, Doctor, what can you tell me?




3 of 5 Have you noticed anything odd about this wall?




2 of 5 Let me out! Let me out...




1 of 5. I see them, they don't see me...



Lonesome Road

Without malice or shame



The Pup Can't Understand

What is wrong



A Prince Among Writers

Loved by women and admired by men, A prince among writers lay dying, The slow betrayal by his body Robbing him of hope of the long life That in his youth he had expected, Finally to slip away in peace Enfolded in the loving embrace Of devoted family and friends After a long and fruitful autumn His passing celebrated in song. Yet though his body was decaying His thoughts enshrined a new...Read On


A Man Of No Consequence

A little man of no consequence Whose whole life was spent on the margins, His passing barely caused a ripple In the flowing tides of existence, And his substance was just a shadow Briefly noticed and then forgotten Like something on the edge of vision. He had a name, of that I am sure And he surely must have been loved once, If only by his mother and father, But even that is uncertain now,...Read On


Fantastic Revelation

Wind thrashed through my hair. The currents lifting us. The glistening scales rubbed through my pants as I sat upon the saddle. I was finally free of man's expectations and exhortations. Flames seered through the bite of winter, and we flew onward. There our destiny awaited and nothing meant more, except the bond we shared. We are one, and as one we are many. From here to eternity, Man...Read On


Give me a reason

What did you do with your life




I saw you. I saw all of you. Walking in the sunlight. Without cover. As if you were immune to harm. Believing that bad things only happen to others. All the while from the shadows danger lurks. Lying just behind the line between light and dark. Where I am. Waiting. The shadows are my home. The night is my friend. While others sleep impervious to thoughts of threat, I survive in...Read On

Recommended Read

The Hotline

Do the tattoo. If you need to. 1-800-273-8255



Youth Should Never Fade

Even though you may grow old still may you stay forever young



A Dent

I felt the coasting of my shadow, as I walked on the lawn a midday stroll. To my townhouse from whence I left my shadow, before it came to me. That ghost don't have shadows, if they are me. Just a coat of ectoplasm, reaching to the knee and a vocabulary of, "Boo." Then it dawned a sunrise, and I discovered I was a zombie with a dent. The kink was just a reflection where the bullet spent....Read On


Smothering The Parrot

I was doing my cups by "smothering the parrot" (sipping green absinthe) at The Haggis Inn. A drinkery on the planks of Aberdeen's warf by the North Sea. A cold air and visioning fog washed in by the tides, chilling my bones. The wetness of the gray seeping  into my brogans, robbing heat from soles of my feet, as fast as the wind stole frost from my nose. It was a parlor for the artsy and...Read On


By The Harbor

... life sometimes

"At the bus station by the harbor, I'll wait for you there." he said She has been waiting for hours. Feeling sad, telling herself to wait for another hour. She will leave if he doesn't show up. The bus driver first saw her this afternoon. This is his last trip for the day. Her phone keeps ringing, 58 missed calls when she saw it. She calls back "Where are you? I have been waiting...Read On



when all of our attentions are ...

The sun is turning to dusk while sitting alone at the bus station. The truth is, I am waiting. Ding! Notification on my screen that makes me scurrying to look. Ding! Flashing messages from the unknown sender, makes my heart falter Ding! Grinning from ear to ear, this excites me. Ding! Nervously opening the unknown messages as I got shocked at what I've read. Ding! All...Read On


The Circle of Life

But that's not what I said




A calling of the darkness. fell a snow. Deposited in escrow, where bones burrow. With songs of granite, the interest rise. A dark shade of pale, shadowing eyes.   "I am the man with a carrot for a nose, and wisdom for a tooth." People are silent, when it comes to rain, but bite off my nose in-spite of pain. "But I watch with a black-coal eyes, as the sun turns my fears into tears. Becoming...Read On



"I'm looking for a pair of shoes." "How about just one achoo, with a gesundheit!" "Do you have loafers or sandals?" "Yes there are a pair at the water fountain but if you want a handle, call a bicycle shop. " "Something in flats or boots!" "We're on a plateau where the owls hoot." "How about something with laces?" "Owls don't have teeth."  ...Read On


Carry A Song

I felt the urge to carry a song to the top of a mountain. It was between a valley I climbed, as I felt the touched of shadow's palm. As the shadow led me to a pine tree with rungs of ladder hung. Climbing the ladder, a pine cone became my beacon to a tree house. In this house was a rocking chair, a sewing basket, and Bible. Opening the cover and between pages, I found a negative of my...Read On


The Biggins

It was the biggins that startled me from sleep, in their nightly visitations. Sometimes a voice in the bath room and flushing the commode. It may have been the biggin that stomped on the stairs. Singing choruses of Johnny Cash. "Don't Take Your Guns To Town." Perhaps it was the biggins riding wild horses into my room and screamed, "yee-haw!" Boot scootin' something  called a boogy. But...Read On


You Are The Starlight

Starlight, starbright



Icy Reception

A tale from long ago.



Old Dog, New Tricks

It's not easy, you know