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Micro Fiction

As with our Flash Fiction category, the aim of micro fiction is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words. Where Flash Fiction generally ranges from 100 to 1000 words, Micro Fiction submissions should be under 100 words and can cover any of the fiction genres.



Cross with care, don't look down, and share your path to the other side.

She loves her Daddy. He gave her all he could for her to stand on her own. She retains all he taught her, all the memories along the way, and the confidence that she built under his tender care. She travels many paths but it is at bridges that she remembers him the most. Chasms of various heights always scare her. Bridges may not be perfectly safe. "Cross with care, don't look down, and...Read On


Billy's Got A Secret



Am I not Alone?

Another Perspective of Loneliness..

Straddling in a secluded room. Scrolling through social media sites, I caught glimpses of my mates sharing pictures together with captions "My roomie"," My constant". I attempted to be social, I am implicated with many clubs and groups. I talk with people, pay them to heed but my opinion and presence are alienated! Am I not alone?  ...Read On



Thoughts and dreams and wonderment



Broken Castle

Respect is the smallest gift we can bestow to our loved ones.

We shrieked. We brawled. We lamented. Our relationship which was meant to be a sacred sign of affection suddenly got reduced to abuse and combat. Somewhere it broke me apart. Getting respect, dignity and confidence seemed far away beyond my reach. He didn't hit me but his words went straight deep inside my glass built castle made of love and fondness and smashed it at all at once. I felt...Read On


An Innocent Soul

Think twice before intimidating someone.

She was again bullied by one of her seniors. She came back to her room crying. She was delighted to be a part of that event but had never thought it could turn harsh on her. She started scolding herself and took all the flaws on her own. She felt suffocated and unconfident for her ineptitude to enunciate among everyone. The girl turned against herself and kept blaming herself for the way...Read On



Anxiety is not always harmful.

You are not good enough.  "Can you really do this? Or should I assign someone else for this work?" they asked. Once again, I started condemning myself for choosing this work. My mind got besieged with dark clouds of endless meaningless tho thoughts that gave a signal there was no way out. Insomnia hit me.  But a fraction of my heart that was still gloomed with conviction announced, "Even if...Read On



As we wander ... a love story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Queen who gave birth to a handsome prince. He was pampered by his mother Queen. One day he said, "Mother, someday I want to be like you. I will be a beautiful Queen." He was born to be a king and as the year passed by he chose to enjoy living life as a Queen and loving every prince on her way. One day she met a King whom she falls in love but he...Read On


Underneath The Universe

Watching everything from the window..

The smiling couple, animatedly talked while walking towards the direction of the garden. They sat down together on a bench near a tree under the crescent moon and the twinkling stars. The girl rested her head on the guy's shoulder. They are wearing a uniformed hospital gown with a blissfully smile on their faces. "Wait for me at the crossroad. Where there stands a long white bench beside...Read On



Together we may do it




Thankless service but still serving.

She walked to the window, desiring to step from the dark toward light. Where was he now? Did she really want the answer to that? He was dedicated to a system that took more than it gave. It took him away from her. It always left her waiting for his return. He gave her everything. It was more than a job to him, she knew that. She loved him. She had sons by him and they loved him too. They...Read On



Missing her but comfort in remembering.

Man's best friend. With love in her eyes and her tail making wind, my Chippy. In the days of a boy growing to be a man, my faithful companion through thick and thin. As I discovered girls, a friend to confide in, knowing what was said will stay just between us. After many relationships and heartbreaks, Chippy always listened with those eyes of 'told you so.' Dog years are not enough as the...Read On



Police rescues welcome.

Ingrid, an heiress, was rich and beautiful. She got attention everywhere she went. Paparazzi followed her publicly and she was in all the magazines. Fame and money do not always bring happiness, Unfortunately, she got criminal attention when she went in search of a heroine fix. Found herself blindfolded, bound and gagged in a warehouse in the slums. Hefty sums were sought for ransom....Read On


Checkered Flag

Sometimes best to stand alone in silence.

As the guitar strums blues and dark country my mind recalls some of what I have seen. It's best to keep it inside. Even my closest lovers don't know. Not that I don't trust them, but because I love 'em so. Bad enough I have had to see it. Judgment comes quick. I've come home alive. Done things best I could. One foot on the brake and one on the gas. Amazes me how much brake I have to use. Wish...Read On


The Doldrums

Floating in darkness

Into the darkness I drift, numbness taking hold of my body and mind. No breeze in my sails, no motivation to lift oars as nothing is in sight across the horizon. Expanse of mists across what must be waters of no waves. When I awake from this dreamless slumber I will consider slipping over the stern. Sink, stand, float or tread the ocean, desert, or space in which I exist. If my wits return and...Read On


Of Hunting, Decoys, and Poppy Camo

Some types of hunting require decoys...

“You ready, son?” whispered the Martian, sharp teeth drooling in anticipation. A poppy dipped in response. “Stay bent over; wait for her to rise up. I’ll eat the left one, you take the right.” The poppy dipped again... “You boys in place?” whispered the old man into his walkie-talkie. Two microphone double-clicks replied they were. “They’ll wait for Becky to lift her ass. His testicles will...Read On


My Therapist

Uncomplicated Love

I love my chopper - she performs nicely and I never tire of her rumbling. It's usually just the two of us, although other riders may join us to pursue some lonesome highways looking for nothing but open road. I first called her my mistress, but that got confrontational, resulting in her becoming my therapist. She does soothe me and provides therapy every time we are together. There is...Read On


My Dear Eloise

The ghost of a lost lover

"Are you there, my dear Eloise?" she called out to the shadows. She waited in still silence, hanging on hope. Her pulse grew as the wind picked up, rattling the windows. She spun around, searching for a figure in the darkness. Wood creaked underneath her as she stepped closer. "I still think of you, my dear Eloise. The way your hair tangles in the wind, the way you squint when you're upset,...Read On


Scamp's Adventures #8 : A Halloween Adventure

What spooky Halloween Adventure



The Watcher

...when I awoke he would be there, watching me through my bedroom window.



Magical Deception

No one must ever know.




From a newborn Then growing up from a child Being taught from examples and life I learned to copy Listening to the voice of reason Feeling the self-worth Smiling as I see smiles Learning and understanding What is not always right Punish me for doing or Becoming like you and Not like your dreams Judge me As you would yourself For you taught me Very well    ...Read On


A Prayer for Each One

She wanted him home safe



Not Goldilocks

  Annie married a city fellow. She told her husband about kinfolk in Tennessee. She wanted them to meet. After their wedding, they set off to drive down. They went through the Great Smoky Mountains. Cars were stopped for a black bear on the road. Annie’s husband urged her to get out and get as close as possible for a photo. Annie stood in front of the bear, cute little purse over...Read On



Alone in the dark

Darkness and silence surround me like rope binding me to a hospital bed. I can't move! Why can't I move? I want to scream but can't.  I can't even feel my tongue.  Physically, I just feel numb, and my thoughts won't stop!  Am I alive?  Maybe I died.  If I died, where is the bright light to follow?  Is this it?  I just exist in this darkness, unable to move for eternity?  Please - is there...Read On


Here And Now


Recommended Read

The Decision



Anew As One

A forest spirit reborn of love.



The Whacking of the Trees

It was all she could do for her heart and her soul



Never Forget the Good Times

The pup has the memory of an elephant

Ding Dong! The doorbell rings. Opening the door. "Trick or treat!" Out the door goes the pup. Romping about with visitors.   Each one gets the same. Handing out goodies. Asking each one what they are. Really! Oh, perfect! "Get back in, Victor." And they are off on their way. Now he's standing up on his hind feet. What's this! He's trick or treating. Good boy. You get a treat. ...Read On