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I cried for the world today Turned on the TV news Didn't know what to say I cried for the world today Saw them kick and punch him They thought it was okay I cried for the world today More people were shot dead Only gets worse to my dismay I cried for the...

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Oh, the pain, the pain . . .

Danger! Danger! Screams my brain Like Robot From "Lost in Space" Grit my teeth And steel my jaw Words: don't escape Stick in that craw My ears are open Neutral face I will myself Only to say Nothing, nothing Not a thing Just sniffle once And twist my ring...

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Sometimes what you wish for does come true...

Walking along an abandoned beach I feel the cool grains of white sand, They seem to melt beneath my feet. I watch the ice-cold, rippling water Slowly wash away the shore. Bits of shells roll back and forth As the tide rushes in and out again. From time to...


Our indulgence

Sit beside me at the play Your fingers laced with mine Kiss me as the lights go down Willing captives for a time Join me in this curtained world Created and made real Scenes portrayed and taking form Like stars at dark revealed Tendrils reach and wrap aro...

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In cozy dreams with mimes of twilight and a peppermint patty neath the willow tree whispering winds octave with emotions in blue overshadow waters and creek stones listening to piccolo reeds as autumn dances on fallen leaves of a peppermint patty sweet as...

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Like naked Swallows this is how I was born leaves are our only cover in the lemongrass and no need for armor abandoning the heirlooms and the ignorance of man now stripped of my veil nothing else to reveal for the love of you and naked kisses in the lemon...

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Dip a wick In liquid wax Warm and clear Thin coatings stack Again again It builds and dries Again again Solidifies A candle soon Sits slim and long Tapered to a single prong A touch of flame now at its tip Drops along its sides do slip Single light Steady...

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When the crawdads sing just north of N'awlins the Book of Revelations over rice and red beans marinated in cider pressing the flesh in someone's gumbo up the Bayou with Tabasco neath' shadow of cypress knees listening to zydeco

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