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1 week ago



I wake up every morning from a total lack of sleep, soaking wet with tears and sweat from notions that I keep. I still can feel the bruises from the beating that I got, a belt to mesh with tender flesh – it happens quite a lot. My parents say they love me...

On Heaven's canvas touching scented braille from cacoon to mariposa emerged blue wings my frail butterfly like a parasol neath rainbow sky feeling God's kiss

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1 week ago

Show-Down at the Capital - A Fuel Story

It's the one night a year where Formula-X takes to the mainland!

28th of November – Season 3 Eleanor Coetzee was uncomfortable. She was currently sitting in the back of a black Hyundai SUV with the Formula-X Racing Club President, Terrance 'Moodswing' Moodley. She didn't know what was worse: being called to his office...

1 week ago

Saving Time

Lady journalist helps school with extra complications

Yorke Millen sat back and viewed the letter on the desk in front of him. How, in the present circumstances, was he going to manage the next few months as temporary head teacher? Being deputy head was fair enough, the buck didn't stop with you. But now, he...

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Of lust's Hypnotics with death's encore the lock and key to my feather's opera as memories never die penned in the mind of my macabre at twilight's sobriety falling in gravity...

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Life in the old Montmartre, to drink to Love and Life, to share lust with artists, blend into their paintings, oblivious to space and time. To live for love and lust, to love and lust so as to live, to lose and win with a smile, to love a writer, seduce m...

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Wooden building blocks and green pistachios. Musing and memories, helping me define the meaning of yesterday's boutique and old buttons. Old porch swings and broken pink flamingos in dreams. Waiting for love in limited edition and smiling as if in my yout...

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2 weeks ago

The “P” word

How should we call other folk

The “P” word I don’t understand prejudice, don’t ask me to I think it is negative and without value I don’t have names for other folks To ridicule them or make them a joke Be they homosexual, lesbian or in-between It is up to them how they will be seen If...

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2 weeks ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 12 – The Ex-Feature-Racer

After falling off the line of succession, Kloof looks to prove that his days headlining are not over

22nd of November – Season 3 When John Kloof had read the post on the Formulary, his heart had skipped a beat. How could it not? The first ever Formula-X Queen had named him as the only former King she regretted never facing while she was reigning Queen. S...

In pantomime on the walls hung with webs and shadows with too many tinctures of ghost and dancehalls The embers are charcoals with many scars and splinters of many old wives tales and Mason jars Now just memories of ghosts who have come and gone with too...

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2 weeks ago

The Long Road Home, Chapter 38.

Maria still held her breath as she reached up and turned the door handle.

Munich, February 21st 1945 Driving slowly along narrow country roads, Maria considered what Stefan had said about finding more fuel. She estimated that the twenty litres he had put in from the can would be enough for one hundred and fifty kilometres at be...

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2 weeks ago


A moment of isloation with sweet memories

The blue sky is far high, Stars twinkle in the sky, The North Star is upright, The night is at its height, Moon beams silver light, Waiting for her flight, She is my every delight, Destiny conveys a blight, She is nowhere in sight, Night turns into a spit...

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In the darkness, as my words gowriting through twilightno storms at my wakesilent as the terrapinsfrom my fingertips to shadowsthat dwell in my soulof Zanzibar's trade windsand my annihilationcleansing my skeletonto walk among the nightfrom goth to hedger...

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2 weeks ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 11 – Rivals and Crushes

As his personal life comes to life in the public light, JVZ looks to his zen for guidance.

15th of November – Season 3 "Juan, where are we going?" Juan can Zonder looked at his companion The eighteen-year-old Teresa Koek had a worried look on her face but he knew that there was an excitement building in her as he led her up the mountain. "You'l...

3 weeks ago

At Sunset

Sitting watching the sun go down in Rockingham Beach in Western Australia.

At Sunset. The evening’s velvet darkening hue we sit and watch both me and you And as the sun it slowly sinks we watch it change the darkening pinks And as the night creeps slowly on It steals the light from the sinking sun The birds made their very last...