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The Bat

Could Will really fix his life-shattering mistake?

Will Mitchell leaned against the lockers and stared at Neil Parker. The older boy lay on the floor, his head surrounded by blood. Was Neil dead? Or just unconscious? Will dropped the baseball bat he had used to attack the bully. It hit the floor with a lo...

I want to cut off your tongue so you can never speak again. The sound of your voice can be phantom. If you weren't human I'd take a bat, hitting you until you were just like tin, crumpled. Everything about you is ugly, hateful, evil. ~^~ You're so tainted...

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Penny Lambert sat wallowing in misery after a serious road accident. If only it hadn't happened...

Penny Lambert sat in the darkest corner of the bar, nursing a glass of Orange juice. She checked her watch... again! Still only ten o'clock. She had never felt so lonely and miserable. In fact, the whole week had been miserable. Only one week before, she...

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Shot Through The Heart

Does the mysterious lady hold the key to cheating destiny?

At first I barely felt the bullet pierce the low-slung cocktail dress and enter my heart. It seemed impossible to consider death real, despite the warning minutes earlier from the mysterious lady with the black eye shadow alongside me. I always thought I'...

Fuel Season 3: Episode 16 – The Ambassador

When Mandla is given a secret mission by Moodswing, he recruits Devì to get the job done...

24th of January – Season 3 MONDAY MORNING Mandla Xulu felt strange sitting in the lobby outside Moodswing’s office. Even though the Club President was nothing like the Deputy Mayor, Mandla felt exactly how he usually felt sitting outside his father's offi...

I think their souls are driving me mad. Perhaps, it's too much chicory and eggshells. With embryos. Once a connoisseur of the Muskegon trout, imported from the colonies. Now I dabble in the black arts. Chewing my fingernails and waiting for my muse to ent...

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Save The Last Dance For Me

War is always full of surprises, but none quite like this one!

“Halt! Who goes?” “Relax, private. It’s Major Jessop.” “Password – Sir!” “Seriously? You know I’m your CO, right, Private Tyson?” “Yessir, I know – but I still need the password. Sir!” I smiled, “’In England's green and pleasant land,’” I quoted, “And wel...

With whispers of the Heavenly Ghost choiring from the tabernacle. Listening to the pulse of the river flow. In the silence of my lonely wilderness over stepping stones and winter's moss. Forever my memories keep in my heart and soul's portmanteau. In the...

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Golden Boy

A new football sensation is destined for stardom, but not if a disgruntled fan gets his way.

As he watched the football results in an electrical retailer’s window, he saw that the only goal scored in the Denwick-Whitelaw match was scored by Tristan Simian, a Swedish striker. It didn’t surprise him one iota. Tristan played for Denwick in the third...

With your lip, as soft as lily pads, in a pond of golden koi, echoing love, as reeds of oboes whisper lust, like Sandpipers soaring, on wings of gliding kites. As the autumn moon dance in the shadows, and you with blossoms in your raven hair, dressed in a...

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A World To Save

A day in the life of a struggling hero.

The air tasted like lavender body wash and gunpowder. Fireworks dotted the night sky as the bang-bang-bang of New Year explosives ricocheted off the buildings in New Glory. Avery sucked in a deep breath and her hands to the moon, meaty palms up. It was gl...

Empty Shell

Can so much be accomplished in such a brief meeting?

I sat at the back of the hall, as far away from the blare and screech of the music as possible. Did they still call this tuneless, booming stuff music? Gone were the days when you could hear the words and whistle the tune. No way to shut out the laughter...

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 15 – The Spell of Luck

With the Scramble Qualifiers taking place next week, Blackcat and Fiona play the odds.

17th of January –Season 3 EARLY MONDAY MORNING Blackcat Mathunzi had never been much of a teacher, but unfortunately for him, practicing this ancient form of African Occultism came with a price. It was a disclaimer of sorts: Everything you have learnt mus...

Ambidextrous writer, typist, human computer. So many words, movies and songs known verbatim. Little girl programmed by her mother, unknown and unknown to all. Speaking French, German, Spanish, English, a little bit of Russian. * No one knows her silent wo...

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Tales From The Campfire (01)

The Girl Who Never Was

1940: The bombing of London, (The Blitz) started in September. By December 1940, many thousands of bombs had dropped on London. Countless homes and businesses were destroyed. London had become a very dangerous place to live, especially for the children. A...