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Pleasure Stories


How I Wish

I dream of you always

I stumbled on a website Wasn't looking for anythingLooking for a place to writeWasn't looking for a flingWe met by chanceAnd back came the smileWe started our romanceLoving you is worthwhileWe chat and talk about our lifeThings about each other's daysThe...

Love Is In The Air

I still love you

I’m so happy that we’re still friendsI believe we will still find our wayI plan to talk with you until the endI get excited every day We have gone through so muchBut, we still trust one anotherI can feel your warm touchYou’ll always be my friend and lover...


Life is to live, live it the best way you know how.

No one can reject the human nature, that makes one feel good in living; without which, life is all in vain. Enjoy every moment given, feed every desire, every dream, every deviant thought, be curious, explore. Revel in living life to bursting, it is yours...

Natures Maze

Things often missed, or taken for granted.

Never does it cease to amaze Walking through nature's maze What is missed as I pass Hidden amongst the grass Dew drops glistening in the sun Webs of silk that spiders spun Subtle shades of color in the trees Warmth carried upon a soft breeze Roaring creek...

What a pleasure it is to watch the sky.Keeping track of clouds passing by. Seeing pictures appear in the shapes.Now and then there are landscapes. Bears, faces, fish, flowers and more.Too many to count, score upon score. Constantly changing before one's e...


Achievements attained by gratifying another

Wanting never to hear, cries from you in pain. Soft moans of pleasure, driving me insane. Squeals of satisfaction, showing very plain. Looks upon your face, torturing my brain. Soaring to heights, causing weighty strain. Soft, musing whispers, sound almos...

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New Year

A New Year is ready to be ushered in, a past one ready to be archived.

Wouldn't it be great if all of our pain,could be released like the cork,from a bottle of champagne. Rocketing high, coming to rest on the floor,pressure released, flying away, never to be felt, forever more. A New Year is ready to be ushered in, a past on...


A pleasureable shower

WATER With aching limbs I step into the shower feeling the hot steady stream of water coursing over me causing the atoms in my body to dance freely I stand in this pleasure for a never ending moment. Turning the taps off brace myself for the cold air of t...