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Theo's Happy Memory # 1

Theo Loves His Family

0430 Military time, 8 year old Theo would wake up, clean up, put on his dungarees, and fill up with whatever Mama bought that week.  By 0515 get to the corner for the farm truck to come by. Everyone there was speaking another language, yet they came to kn...


"It was a beautiful kingdom," someone always began. I looked up from sweeping in response, hoping they continued about this 'kingdom.' They never did though, all I knew was, that it was the Kingdom of Thorns on the other side of the eastern mountain range...

Calving Time

Ed called, said we have probably twins coming!

The picture above is a few years old, but they are twins! We weren't supposed to start calving until January 8th, 2013, but as usual on the farm you never can tell; if there are twins involved then they are often early arrivals. It was around 1:00 pm when...

A Tribute to Brock

We stood there for a long time, just looking into each other's eyes.

This is a tribute to my wonderful dog Brock. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was going to the dog pound to see if I could find an Airedale terrier. I had fallen in love with the breed when a friend of mine brought her Airedale to my house while visit...

Flying Through the Air

No doubt about it I was heading for the ditch at 110 km. per hour.

This story takes place at harvest time again. It was a time when our cell phone did not have great signal strength, as we are situated between two signal towers. It's better now but still not great.I was at home, and decided to give Ed a call to see if he...

Hunters Being Hunted

As I drove up, I saw four men, big ones, all dressed in their camouflage gear. My lip curled.

As you probably know by now, I am an animal lover. Therefore hunters and I don't really get along well. The area we live in has been popular with hunters for who knows how long. The reason being, that the population is pretty sparse, and of course there i...

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The Beast

The Beast is what I call our old grain truck, let me tell you about it.

The Beast is the older of our two grain trucks. I better describe it , so that you have a picture in your mind of what it really is like. Its a 1968 Dodge grain/dump truck, built like a tank, unlike the newer converted grain trucks that have been used on...


How I got my new goat together with the dogs, plus her pregnancy!

Well, I now finally had my goat. I had waited for this for an awfully long time. There was just one problem now. How was I going to get the dogs to accept her and vise versa ? I lay in bed that night, thinking up different scenarios, on how it was going t...

How I Got My First Goat

The troubles I had to go thru to get my pet goat.

To set this story in the proper time and place, I have to take you back to my teen years. Back a few years to my first encounter with a goat. I was visiting a friend on the outskirts of the City. Margaret was getting us some nice cold drinks while I sat o...