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Back To School Challenge: In The Pool

Back to school can mean different things, depending on circumstances...

At our local swimming pool, you can clearly perceive the pattern of the school year, especially during the holidays. It gets markedly busier at half terms and the Easter break and even at Christmas (if parents really don’t know what to do with their child...

Passing of Seasons

I had some dreams and some came true.

A tapestry of color nature weaves,Changing greens to red and gold,Across high hills and valleys low.Heated days now a memory leaves,Spring's new life no longer bold.Gone are warm winds that blow.Summer's green packed in sheaves.Tucked away for the coming...

Season to Season

Saying goodbye to Summer.

Autumn colors now shown Frost has touched your leaves Asleep soon beginning of fall Creating a patchwork tapestry First light alive with sparkle Awaiting a new warming sun To glisten with pearly dew Cooler day and longer nights Notifies Winter soon will c...

By the moon I sit to seek your glory,The white rose I see creates a new story.Seasons are many,Their reasons few in between.What remains is that I alwaysLove you!For all to see,No matter where we're at,No matter the timeBut this momentThat we seek. For th...

Autumn Morning

Dreamlike walk in the morning fog.

A nippy, dreary, autumn morn today.Sky invisible, everything above is grey. Morning mist enshrouding the trees. Colors of fall embracing their leaves. Creating a wonderful storybook scene. Magical portrait - red, brown, gold and green. Chilly dampness kis...

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Beauty of Night

Enjoying the night's wondrous beauty.

Walking out into a starlit night.My heart is filled with delight. Hearing your call in the dark.Wondrous sound, not at all stark. Searching the shadows I find you.Again hearing, your hoot hoo hoo In the top of a lonesome pine.You are silhouetted like a si...

The waterfall, frozen in time, has formed icicles. Kissed by Lord Winter's breath. They glisten like chandeliers in the moonlight. It is silent now. Frozen in its swift advance. Spring called for Lord Winter to relent! "Be still, be patient, Spring awakes...

The Four Seasons

A suite of Haikus, read by our own Daisy.

SPRING Dripping from the eaves, Snow melts slowly while it turns The hard sod to mud.***** The dog barks hoarsely, He echoes in vibrations As the moon shines down. ***** Up through the green turf, Crocuses lift heads of pearl Into buoyant air. ***********...

Oakley's Autumn Surprise

Sometimes change can be scary, but change is not always bad.

Please note that this is a teaching story for children. I have included some xhosa words, so they can learn both facts and a new language in a fun way that helps them understand rather than merely memorise.  Ilanga - SunImvula - Rain Umoya - Wind  In a de...

Bared Soul

Seasons Spent Pondering; Part 4

I try to hold onto my hopes, dreams and desires. As the days grow shorter, and the nights longer, I find that sliver of hope that kept me going start to fade. I clutch my blanket around me tighter, ignoring the clock that says I must leave my bed. I ignor...

The Burn of Summer Light

Seasons Spent Pondering; Part 3

I can feel it on my skin, the tantalizing, life-giving heat from the sun above me. My skin dries, burns, blisters, reflecting my mind much more than seldom-spoken words or actions could ever hope to achieve. I watch the red peel, revealing darkened skin b...