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Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 11: Introducing the Lullaby

Following their break in into the armoury, Sam and Doug are introduced to the mystic Lullaby

Before Sam and Doug was a beautiful silver-gloss-painted car. It was slick, with smooth curves and tinted windows. It had side skirts and a hood with a vent on it. The tires were thin and the rims, shiny with a metallic blue glow coming from them. The car...

Mother and wife

A small tribute to those that were left behind

That her God always hears That is what she believes And that helps her and comforts her Because she grieves For the loss of her loved ones Both her husband and son Who had died in september of 2001 They were firemen  Rescuing folks from the towers And whe...

WC: 6343   KX730, Solarian Sector Naval Command Destroyer Glimmer of Time   "Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is kilo xray seven three zero, going down. Anti-gravity fields almost destroyed, primary drive destroyed, ship integrity questionable." "Mayday, mayd...

Welcome Heroes

A hero briefs future heroes of the Space Marines

(This short story is graduation day for the elite of the elite, Space Marines... It is based on one of my eBooks 'Rocer Penal Colony' available at most eBook sites, but not needed for this.) "Come in, come in. Find a seat. Welcome." Four hundred new Space...

Last Day Aboard Ship - chapter 8

This chapter is an epilogue covering events after his last day aboard ship.

In five seconds, the boosters shut down, the computer and console went dark, the artificial gravity disappeared, and the main lighting deactivated. Within moments, the pair of emergency lights providing dim illumination flickered and quit. At the same tim...

Last Day Aboard Ship - chapter 7

It’s the willingness to sacrifice yourself for others that is heroic, not the action itself.

Romero looked at me and said, “This is my bitch to slap. Get to your lifepod. I’ll buy the time you all need.” I waited a moment. “Ensign, get your ass out of here and kiss my girl for me when you get planet-side.” I asked him, “Which planet?” “Any, sir!...

Heroes and Victims

My words are fill-ins between song titles

Over the Hills and Far Away, Alyssa Lies to her friends, says the bruise is from a game, she was the Hero with all the Courage, her younger brother the victim. Her friends, with their little-kid imagination, ask what it feels like to fly. Her answer is th...

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We Shall Never Forget (9-11 Tribute)

Recalling the better aspects of humanity on that day...the heroes...

Let the world always remember,That fateful day in September,And the ones who answered duty's call,Should be remembered by us all.Who left the comfort of their home,To face perils as yet unknown,An embodiment of goodness on a day,When men's hearts had gone...