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Winter's alluring angel beckoned me, offering me freedom and comfort. I willingly went to her, my wants lay bare.  Strangely, the bitter cold did not sting. Her fingertips set my flesh ablaze. What was dormant now sprang to life. She enveloped me, wh...

Marco 1 year ago

Can’t rain forever (part 04)

Julie discovers the truth on her family... is it real?

“No, Julie… It’s because I love you. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you when I was buying that book, and that love grew the more I was knowing you. The day you smiled for the first time, I felt like if nothing else in the world was more imp...

I heard a new song as day was breaking, Rising from the heart of the waiting earth, As if the world from deep sleep was waking, Singing a welcome message of rebirth. The Winter has been hard, and icy winds Have sucked the joy from every living thing...

The young Prince slowly opened his eyes and looked around. When he realized he was in the wizards lair he felt better. "Thank God I'm alive," he said out loud to the empty room. "Would that were true my Prince,"a voice responded.Felsar shuffled in ou...

DLizze 8 years ago

Easter, 1949

another musical memory

The more I try to recall whether I was three or four, the more convinced I become that I must have been four, because I was wearing a new, blue seersucker suit. I remember that suit distinctly, and recall wearing it to Sunday School at Catonsville Pr...

This is not how it should be Joy escapes, sinking a golden vessel A sound, letters and vowels, words Verses of longing, a memory Aching to be reborn from ashes Wanting more than deserved The pain that does not cease Deep sighs that seek an embrace W...

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fuzzy1954 8 years ago

Phoenix Awakes

From the Ahes

Phoenix AwakesO great one risePhoenix awake and soarfrom war torn soulssmell and taste of burnt asheyes wide with hurtfeathers awash as Phoenix rises once morecry with the ages as he rises once morewings spread circles againcalling for his onewith ta...

lifedancer2 9 years ago

Blue Moon Summer

A story about overcoming loss, and re-discovering joy.

There wasn't a day that went by where Lily didn't think about the baby. Blonde hair that fell in wisps around her delicate elfin face. The way the sun had lit her from behind so that she appeared as if surrounded by a halo of light. Her smile, pullin...

CKAcres 9 years ago


What society says of folks like me.

Damaged goods, is that what I am?Has society sent me on the lam? I try each day, a better person to be.Not allowing all the world to see. The hurt, the pain that I feel inside.Hiding tears that are often cried. Each day a smile I try to place.Upon a...