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I don’t mind people farting, but I’m sitting here like a terrorist. By which I mean that I’m sitting with my t-shirt covering my face and can scarcely be identified. This is not good. I want one day without someone farting. Yeah, you read this right, I’m...

Trio of Poems

Three of my favourite beverages get the Kitty poem treatment.

A trio of poems about my favourite drinks, first Tea:A cup of tea,is a labour of love,boil the kettle,warm the pot...A spoonful of leaves,One for each personand another for the pot,it really requires very little thought,but a lot of love.Infuse infuse, fo...

Lady Vodka (Poem 6 of many)

I drank her all up (boo hoo)

Drank my Lady,I drank her all up.She was tasty,now I long for more.I have no money,so long I shall.But I want more Vodka,sadly she is depleted!I drank her all up.But, alas, I shall not be defeated!My Lady Vodka, I shall have!I shall have and savourand lov...

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